This review will look at some photography books that were released in 2015. This article presents nine books covering different photography related topics. The first five books are about how to take great pictures for different types of photography. The remaining books are related to post processing using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. In this list you’ll find some interesting reading to improve your photography skills.



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About Steve Hammond

Steve is a computer geek, and he has been for many years. He has studied computer science for 15 years, with a college degree in computer science, a backchelor degree in computer with a minor in mathematics, and a Master degree in computer science. In high school he was initiated to computer on an Apple II, then his parents bought him a Commodore 64, then a Mac Plus. But in computer science, DOS and Windows PC were used mostly, so he switched to the dark side for a while. In 2000 he began doing some photography, then discovered iPhoto which make him come back to the Macintosh in 2002. Since, he became a Mac geek again and he sure won't turn back to the PC.

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CameraBag 2

On February 27, 2012, in Apps, Camera, Features, iPhone, Macintosh, Photography, Review, by Artie Alinikoff

CameraBag 2
Price: $24 to $29

CameraBag began as an iPhone app in 2008. It was wildly successful. 2009 saw the release of the desktop version for Mac and PC, again, very successful. In 2012 CameraBag 2, “a total rewrite” as the company describes, has been freshly released. If anyone was waiting for this software the wait was  worth it.

CameraBag 2 is an ingenious photo editing program, offering a combination of cutting-edge filter technology with the clout of classic tools. Escalating the use of presets into a new dimension, Nevercenter has thought long and hard about the tools and presets photographers need in order to achieve almost boundless control over images at a price that is, in my opinion, a steal. What’s not to like with an interface as simple and elegant as this?

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On October 21, 2009, in Apps, iPhone, iPod Touch, Review, by Sandro Cuccia Mobile
Company: Adobe Systems, Inc.

Price: Free.


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Layers: the Complete Guide to Photoshop’s Most Powerful Feature
by Matt Kloskowksi

Peachpit Press
ISBN 978-0-321-53416-3, 255 pages
$39.99 US, $43.99 CN £28.99 UK

When I conduct introductory digital photography workshops, most people say they have trouble using Photoshop because they don’t understand how to use layers. Though Photoshop takes us out of the darkroom so to speak, for many people any version of Photoshop seems as daunting and confusing as working with film, chemicals, and an enlarger.

Well, Photoshop guru Matt Kloskowski has written a concise introductory guide about using layers, the heart of Photoshop Elements and Photoshop CS series. His book is appropriately titled, Layers: the Complete Guide to Photoshop’s Most Powerful Feature. For this book, Matt incorporates Scott Kelby’s trade mark style of explaining Photoshop layer features and techniques in a well illustrated, step by step process. Each lesson is explained in less than five pages with no more than two paragraphs per page.

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