Speck SeeThru Case

On February 17, 2011, in Cases, Macbook, Macbook Pro, Review, by Max Swisher
Speck SeeThru Case
Company: Speck Products
Price: $49.95

We have cases for our phones, iPods, and tablets. But your laptop shouldn’t go unprotected either!
The Speck SeeThru Case is one of the only hard cases for Macs that doesn’t limit the range of motion of your lid. Many other different cases will limit the range and not allow you to open the lid of your computer fully, but not this one. The Speck SeeThru Case is a hard plastic that is totally see thru. This is really cool because you can hardly tell that the case is on the computer, but you still have your computer totally protected.
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Commuter 2.0 Messenger Bag
Company: Rickshaw Bagworks
Price: $150.00


Rickshaw Bagworks 2.0 Messenger Bag

Owen's custom made messenger bag

I took my custom Rickshaw Bagworks’ Commuter 2.0 Messenger Bag for a extended travel spin into Canada recently. I tested the previous incarnation of this bag exactly 3 years ago, (see that review here with LOTS of pictures) and liked it so much it became my every day bag, replacing my much loved and well worn-out Timbuk2 bag. The first incarnation of Rickshaw’s messenger bag was excellent, but still had a few issues I thought. But now, this bag is nearly perfect…

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About Owen Rubin

Owen Rubin was one of the first people to program arcade video games for Atari a long time ago, and designed arcade video games for almost 15 years. He later joined Apple where he worked on both hardware and software projects, and was the key player on the MacLC, bootable CD, several pieces of Mac system software, as well as a contributor to many other CPU projects. He later worked for Pacific Bell to lead the design of services for the first commercial broadband system in the US, and then went on to be the lead researcher of broadband for Paul Allen's Interval Research. Since then, he has been an executive at a number of startups in security and semiconductors, and is currently the CTO of Edison Labs, a startup focusing on helping commercial clients write and develop mobile apps, especially for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

Case Logic 16″ Full-Size Security Friendly Laptop Case CLCS-116
Company: Case Logic

Price: $99.00

Ever since I purchased my MacBook in January 2008, it has been my constant companion whenever and wherever I travel. I’ve never felt comfortable using some hotel’s lobby computer that’s available for every guest to use. The only thing that has caused me some grief at times is going through airport security because every now and then I have encountered differences amongst the security personnel in how they want things done. On one trip, I was told by one security person on the other side of the X-ray line to take my laptop out of the bag and place the bag in the plastic bin and then place the laptop on top of the bag. I did and you should have heard the guy watching the screen when my bin went through the machine; you would have thought I was trying to smuggle something through the checkpoint. Even when the other passengers on either side of me backed me up and told him that I was just following the directions given by one of his team, I could see that this trip was not off to a good start. Trust me, I never made that mistake again!

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About Russ Walkowich

Russ Walkowich is the longest contributing member of MyMac, starting back in 1995. He has served as writer, author, editor, and spiritual guide to a tribe of MyMac Founders in all that time.

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