Our Favorite Things – 3 Geeky Ladies 15

On December 9, 2012, in Three Geeky Ladies, by Tim Robertson

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The Ladies, along with their guest, 4th Geeky Person Tom Schmidt, share their favorite things.

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LaCie Slim SSD P’9223 Drive Review

On November 12, 2012, in Hard Drive, Macintosh, by Curt Blanchard

LaCie Slim SSD P’9223 Drive
Capacity: 120GB
Manufacturer: LaCie
MSRP: $149.00
Slim SSD P’9223 Drive

Sleek, speedy and gorgeous. No, not a gazelle—it’s the P’9223 Slim SSD external hard drive from LaCie. The Porsche Design enclosure measures a tidy 5″ by 3″ and is only 7/16″ thin; thinner than a MacBook Air. The case is solid aluminum and feels satisfyingly substantial. Apart from a razor thin slit for the indicator light and a USB port, the case is sleekly clean.

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OWC On-The-Go Pro 240GB SSD Triple Interface External Drive
Price: $295

OWC On-The-Go Pro 500GB Triple Interface External Drive
Price: $138

Seagate Backup Plus Portable External 1TB Drive for Mac
Price: $130

Adapters are available, sold separately, to convert this drive to FireWire 800 and/or Thunderbolt


LaCie Rugged Key 16GB
Price: $40 for 16GB, or $70 for 32GB

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(With thanks to Tony Bennett, who sang at the 2009 Macworld Expo to conclude the final Apple keynote address.)

This week’s Macworld|iWorld Expo was my tenth one, all of them for MyMac. I got a real stinker of a cold at the end of day one, Thursday, that put me on the disabled list for the duration of the 2012 conference. Nemo not happy.

Our other attending staff covered my appointments. Super thanks to them.

I was a solo act for most days of the first few years at previous Macworld January events. I ran around the enormous showroom floors in Moscone’s South and North halls like a maniac, then dashed back to the press room to submit my articles and photos. Later, after dinner with San Francisco relatives, I would stay up late planning the next day’s version of what I had just done.

Using the first-in-last-out method, I was the earliest early bird and the latest night owl in the bowels of Moscone press room every morning and night.

Three photos in this Nemo Memo are from those pre-2012 Macworld Expos

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Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 for Mac
$50 US

This new solar-powered wireless keyboard is almost perfect. It works great, but it has some perfectly annoying “features.”

There is no printed manual or full set of Internet instructions. Its web site is incomplete. No built-in indent on the keyboard is provided for storage and travel with its USB dongle. There is no way to know when the caps lock key is activated.

Aside from those four minuses, Logitech has done a stellar job with engineering and design of its new Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 for Mac. Solar and ambient light battery charging are effortless. So is power management using a free software download. Battery efficiency is exceptional.

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Two small, versatile, high-value computer accesssories:

Presenter Pro Remote with Green Laser

$50 to $230, depending on capacity

In commando, stealth mode, I strolled casually into a retail store featuring computers by a well-known company from Cupertino. I unscrewed the base cap from LaCie’s XtremKey deluxe all-terrain USB flash storage drive, exposing its USB plug tip. I discretely inserted XtremKey into a rear USB port on a new iMac, and its icon mounted instantly on the computer’s Desktop.

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LaCie USB Moskeyto Flash Drive

On December 7, 2010, in Review, by David Weeks

LaCie MosKeyto USB Flash Drive
4 GB size $17.99
2 GB and 8 GB available

One truism of modern technology is that everything gets smaller. Computers used to fill rooms. Hard drives that stored an incredible 5 megabytes of data were the size of refrigerators. Cellphones used to be the size of a military walkie-talkie. Thumb drives, also known as flash drives, or memory sticks, used to be the size of, well, your thumb. But that’s no longer the case. LaCie’s MosKeyto makes the average thumb drive look as big as Shrek’s thumb. Its the smallest thumb drive I’ve ever seen.

The Weeks Division of MyMac Labs gave the 4 GB version a good workout.

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LaCie 1TB external Hard Drive, design by Neil Poulton
Company: Lacie

Price: $269

Hardware Requirements: G3/4/5 PowerPC/ Intel Mac with open USB1.1/2, FireWire 400, or eSATA port

Designer hard drives. Has it really come to this? A hard drive should be utilitarian, be robust and have oodles of space for all the stuff we want to put on it. Considering that we rarely look at them except over whatever icon is assigned to them (or that we assign to them ourselves) on our desktops to access information and data, who cares what they look like and I’ll be damned, DAMNED I say if I’ll buy a drive based on looks alone.


This drive looks cool. It’s all black in a Monolith/ 2001: A Space Odyssey kind of way. When it came in for review, my first impression was to dismiss it in the same way I dismissed those Ferrari-branded laptops from some time ago. The outside packaging gave me no reason to believe that this wasn’t just another average hard drive with pretensions.

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LaCie’s “little disk” pocket drive

On January 2, 2008, in Hard Drive, Review, by Owen Rubin

LaCie’s “little disk” pocket drive
Company: LaCie

Price: $99.99 (30 GB) and $129.99 (60 GB)

Is That A Hard Drive In Your Pocket or…

I own a lot of external hard drives. They are typically large, fairly heavy, and require an external power brick, meaning that they are not easy to carry for portable use. USB Flash drives are a great for portable use, and these days you can get 16 GB, and even 32 GB of storage in your pocket on a small, solid-state device. But they are expensive (16 GB at about $130) and often, 16 GB is just not enough space for many needs. What if you need to carry more or larger files, like video for example? What if the access speed of a Flash drive is just not fast enough? What if you want to carry thousands of raw picture data for your new digital camera?

There is an alternate solution to Flash drives for portable data. A new category of mini hard drives is now available to satisfy those needs, and LaCie has entered this category with the “little disk.” LaCie offers a 30 or 60 GB version of this small portable storage unit for less than the cost of the 16 GB Flash drive! This small, pocket-sized USB 2.0 drive packs a lot of punch into a small little package. Weighing in at less than 5 ounces (just 4.4 to be exact) and at just 2.52” x 3.15” x .71” in size, this thing slips easily into your pocket, backpack, or purse. Now you can easily carry your files, photos, videos and music wherever you go. Designed exclusively for LaCie by Sam Hecht (formally the head designer at IDEO – see http://www.amadonweb.com/samhecht.html for more info on Sam, he is an amazing designer), it has a dark brown colored, high-gloss finish and comes with a removable protective cap, and a small carrying bag to protect its cool finish.

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LaCie FireWire Speakers

On September 13, 2007, in Review, Speakers, by Owen Rubin

LaCie FireWire Speakers
Company: LaCie

Price: $99.95

Ok, I was intrigued by this unique idea, speakers that do NOT connect to the audio output jack on your computer, and did not use the already overcrowded USB, but rather are bus powered, getting power from your computer, connected to the FireWire port instead. But why do I need this? Every computer I have ever owned had an audio output port, and so far, I have not had reason to dislike the audio coming from it. I wanted to know why I needed these over other USB or direct audio speakers.

So I started iTunes, kicked off The Beatles LOVE soundtrack, and was ready to find out why. Music came pouring from my rather good Sony desktop speakers, which I immediately unplugged. I knew what they sounded like. Audio switched to the rather poor speakers inside my iMac G5, and it was time to put a stop to that lousy sound by hooking up these cute little things from LaCie.

Packaged well, much like a MacBook computer from Apple, in a small black box, these (5.3″ high by 3.9″ wide by 3.5″ deep) white and black speakers were easy to hook up. Well, sort of. I simply plugged the already attached FireWire cable on the “Main Speaker” into my Mac. Then, from the secondary speaker I took the audio cable and connect it to the main speaker. That is all there is to connect. There is no power brick and no batteries are needed because these will get their power and audio from FireWire. Listed as the world’s first bus-powered speaker, the small, 8-watt amp (4-watts per channel) is powered directly from your computer via FireWire. For me, one less AC power brick is an immediate plus right off.

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Big Disk d2 USB 2.0 & FireWire 800 Hard Drive
Company: LaCie, Inc.

Price: $449-$1099

LaCie, the hardware vendor with that funny French name (it means “the company”) has come out with a series of capacious hard drives that use the new FireWire 800 standard.

The Weeks division of MyMac.com labs spent several days with a review unit, and came away with some interesting conclusions about FireWire 800. Friend and fellow reviewer John Nemerovski opened the Big Disk d2 shipping box with me. If you put any stock in first impressions, you’ll be a big fan of the d2 drive. The sleekly gorgeous hard drive enclosure is brushed aluminum, and it has a great tactile, non-skid feeling. Even if you have sweaty palms after paying the (expensive) purchase price for this baby, its grippy feel will prevent you from dropping it. Appearance and Setup

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LaCie DataBank 20GB Portable Hard Drive

On May 28, 2003, in Hard Drive, Review, by John Nemerovski

LaCie DataBank 20GB FireWire/USB Combo Portable Hard Drive
Company: LaCie

Price: $299.00

LaCie’s stylish DataBank arrives in a simple, elegant black box with no accompanying literature. The silver drive enclosure is protected within an unusual foam brick. Accessories are one each of the shortest FireWire and USB cables ever produced, plus a “User’s Manual” with “Storage Utilities” installer CD.

Letters and numbers are stamped into the cover, meant to replicate a silver ingot, with “DESIGN BY F.A.PORSCHE.” Top is flat, sides are gently tapered outward, and bottom is cushioned with four rounded plastic corner supports. Too bad the bottom of the case has such sharp edges, because a gently rounded base would add additional classiness and safety to the overall form factor.

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52x CD-RW Burners

On March 17, 2003, in DVD Burner, Review, Shoot-out, by John Nemerovski

LaCie “d2″ 52x24x52 CD-RW FireWire Drive
Company: LaCie
Price: Currently $169.00, $149.00 in April, 2003


Other World Computing “Mercury” 52x24x52 CD-RW FireWire Drive
Company: Other World Computing

Price: $149.99

Both of these high-speed FireWire CD-RW burners arrived on the same day three weeks ago, so I had ample opportunity to compare them under optimum evaluation conditions. The cross-platform physical drive mechanisms are identical, manufactured by a company called LiteOnIt. If you are interested, they have a thorough FAQ on this line of products at their web site.

Speed and operation are excellent, with much improvement over earlier CD-RW drives we reviewed. If the Other World Computing (OWC) burner costs the same for less software than its competitor, you should purchase the LaCie, correct? Not so fast. Keep reading.

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Life at the Expo, The Prequel
MWSF ’03

On January 14, 2003, in Macworld Expo, by David Weeks


On December 4 Nemo received an email PR announcement from Formac for a private offsite viewing of their new line of digital video and display products. The swanky W Hotel, across the street from Moscone Convention Center, was the designated location. Nemo had been trying to obtain review units from Formac for a year without success, and this was a real opportunity.

One week later email solicitations for Macworld PR meetings arrived from Maxtor, E-Book Systems, and Intego, followed several days later by requests from Exabyte, Macromedia, Aladdin, Roxio, Iomega, SmithMicro, Alias/Wavefront, eMedia, Sybex, Other World Computing, LaCie, Olympus, Peachpit, H-P, ProSoft and O’Reilly.

During Nemo’s first Macworld, in 2001, he ran around Moscone Center like a crazy person, conversing here and there and writing up the experiences in an ongoing manic conversation with our readers. At the 2002 conference Weeks+Nemo delivered an intense combined diary and essay of their days at Macworld, complete with pictures of varying quantity.

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