MyMac Podcast 184
Is iPod Killing Hi-Fi

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A large cast this tackles the question: is the iPod generation killing Hi-Fi? Does high fidelity have a place in todays world of small MP3 players and online music stores? Also, All Over the Mac chats with Anne Bowden, and Sam Levin hits us with a new Cool Mac Picks. If all that was not enough, we have a new contest! Listen for your chance to win a $120 Essential Jacket from SCOTTEVEST.

Tim Robertson, Guy Serle, David Cohen, Sam Levin, Lee Givens, John Nemo, and special guest Bill Palmer from iProng Magazine.

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Links from the show:
iProng Magazine
AOL Mac Desktop
Scott from ScotteVest switched to the Mac video
Future Sonic’s Atrio m8
DLO’s VentMount for iPhone & iPod touch
Sam Levin Cool Mac Picks

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Three FM iPod car adapters

Our rankings blend objective quality with subjective personal experience. Your audio signal mileage may vary a lot from mine. If you can try before you buy, or return/exchange if not completely thrilled, you’ll eventually be satisfied by one of these units.

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MyMac Podcast 148

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With Mac OS 10.5 right around the corner, Tim, Nemo, Russ, Tommy, and Guy chat it up. Also, the new iPods are discussed. David Cohen also returns with a new Fenestration.

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Links from the show:
Microsoft Office 2008 Site
Mac Mojo Blog

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The Tsunami Halo Effect

The Middle-East is a huge market for cell phones and other electronic goods, and our own Mazen Al-Angary brings us word on what the reaction to the iPhone was in Saudi Arabia. A unique perspective you won’t find on other Mac websites.

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Can the Argo Kill the iPod?

Microsoft is the only possible company that has the clout to compete in Apple’s MP3 playground. So how will MS kill the iPod? To date the list of rumored functions include wireless connectivity as well as a free migration path that allows users to obtain the music they’ve already purchased from Apple.

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MyMac Podcast

Tim and Chad talk about defragmenting the iPod, FireFox 1.5 for Mac, Intel’s VIIV and the Mac mini, PowerBook Trackpad troubles, and the latest news from

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iPod and the Price of Success

It’s the killer combination of iTunes and the iPod that makes Apple number one throughout most of the world. You want an FM radio with your music player? Go buy a Creative Zen or any of the competing products. Most people have voted with their wallets and Apple has the best overall solution.

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Problem Solving Guy #3 – iPod and iTunes Music Collection

Nemo asks, and Guy answers, this time with personal insights into getting the best audio quality from your iPod and iTunes music collection — in the car, in the house, and wherever else your songs may reside.

Here is the third installment in our irregular, irreverent, idiosyncratic series of “Help me, Guy!” collaborations between John “Nemo” Nemerovski and Guy “Problem Solving Guy” Serle.

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