How Would Spaces Look on an iOS Device?

On April 21, 2011, in iPad, iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch, Opinion, by Donny Yankellow

If you are a person who reads the news, speculation, and rumors about any Apple product you know that iOS 5 rumors and speculation is in full swing. One of these rumors I saw (and I don’t remember where) was that Spaces is coming to iOS 5. When I first heard this I thought this was a stupid idea. However, now that I have thought about it I think I have figured out a way it might work.

Spaces on the Mac allows you to have additional desktop “spaces” with certain applications. You could have a space for productivity applications, a space for internet/email, etc. When you run a certain application it will only be visible in its assigned space.

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iPad sales are phenomenal so it should come as no surprise that everywhere you look there’s another iPad accessory. Apple reported that in the quarter that ended on Christmas Day 2010, it sold 7.3 million iPads. That’s just one quarter. Sales of that magnitude have spawned a fertile and highly competitive accessories industry. I recently dipped one toe into the accessories pond and found that quality and usefulness ran the gamut from good to downright chintzy. Here are a few examples of both:

Company: Moshi
Price: $55

The Moshi Concerti is one of the nicest of the accessories. It’s a stylish iPad case that is made from a hybrid silicone/microfiber fabric, but it looks and feels like suede. I handed it to my wife as she was about to leave on a two week trip. She found it functional in most respects but with limitations.

The Concerti opens like a book. The right side has a rubber frame that accommodates the iPad with a snug and secure fit. The frame holding the iPad has openings for all cable interfaces and buttons. When open, the left side of the case has two ridges that allow the user to easily prop up the iPad in its horizontal position. The ridges are stiff enough to make the iPad feel secure if it’s sitting on a desk or the seatback table on an airplane, but it’s far less stable if it’s sitting on your lap.

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Griffin PowerBlock Plus

On January 25, 2011, in Review, by David Weeks

PowerBlock Plus
Company: Griffin Technologies

Price: $34.95

Wall wart chargers are a bane of gadget-lovers existence. It always seems that when you’ve plugged in your gadget’s particular charger, you just used up the last free wall socket. Even more frustrating is when the charger is bulky enough to cover up one or possibly two sockets on your power strip!

Griffin Technologies’ PowerBlock Plus is one answer to this problem.

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Mogul DJ EarPollution Headphones

On January 14, 2011, in Earphones, Headphones, iPad, iPhone, iPod, by John Nemerovski

Mogul DJ Ear Pollution Headphones
$40 to $70 online

Guest review by Devon Gilbert

The first things you notice about the new Mogul Earpollution DJ Style headphones from iFrogz are the sleek, stylish design and color scheme. These headphones are clearly meant not only to deliver great sound quality, but also to turn heads of people around you. They are portable and fold in half for easy storage.

If you are annoyed with how some headphones have twenty foot cables, you will appreciate the Mogul’s 5-footer. The large, flat, padded style of the headphones fully covers your ear and slightly conforms to the shape of your ear to deliver better sound quality and comfort. One downside to the design is that on higher volume levels, anyone within 20 or 30 feet can hear your music. Although this doesn’t matter if you are out at a loud club as a DJ, many consumers want to keep their music to themselves.

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iB969 Charging Station – Review

On January 7, 2011, in Dock, Features, First Look, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Review, by Russ Walkowich

iB969 Charging Station
Company: iHome
Price: $49.99 USD

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve found that I have my electronics scattered about in my house. My iPad was being charged overnight in the den, my iPhone was being charged in my bedroom and my iPod was relegated to another room. Another part of the problem was that the outlets in the each of the rooms already had other items plugged into them, like computers, lights, etc. The iB969 Charging Station has changed all of that for me.

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Five-Star Apps
Book Review

On January 3, 2011, in Apps, Book Review, iPad, iPhone, iPod, by Elisa Pacelli

Five-Star Apps
by Glenn Fleishman

Peachpit Press
204 pages
$19.99 US $23.99 CAN

You are now the proud owner of an iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad. First order of business is to fill it with apps: reading, music, games, video. How do you know which apps are a hit, and which apps are better left alone?

Combing through the iTunes App Store can be quite an intimidating experience. Luckily for us, author Glenn Fleishman did the leg work of sorting and testing thousands of apps, choosing what he feels are the almost 200 “must-have” apps published in his latest book, Five-Star Apps.

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I love technology. I may not be an early adopter, but eventually I get all the latest and greatest: Kindle, iPhone, iPad, Flip Mino…well, you get the idea. Does this make me a material girl?

Yes. And no.

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How My iPod Touch and iPad Change The Way I Use eMail

On December 1, 2010, in Apple, iPad, iPod, Macintosh, Opinion, by Donny Yankellow

I have a lot of email accounts. Probably more than I should. One is personal, one for MyMac, one for work, one for junk, etc. I use Apple Mail for my personal email and Postbox (based on Thunderbird) for the other accounts that are gmail based, and Entourage for work. However, I find myself using Postbox and Entourage less and less for checking email and defaulting to my iPod Touch or iPad.

I don’t mind Apple Mail, but if there is email in the account when I check the others I just use the Touch or iPad too. Why? Because checking email on those device is SOOOOO much faster! I don’t have to wait for the program to open and download the mail. I wake up the device, look at the Mail icon, and I know if there is mail waiting for me. I open the Mail app and I instantly get access to the email in those accounts. In fact, I just used my iPod to read email and I am sitting at my iMac right now. It is just so much faster and easier.

Even writing emails on the iPod or iPad is easier and faster. I don’t mind the touch keyboard (I rarely type a long email), and I can probably type several emails in the time it takes to open Postbox and have a blank email template pop up.

Unless I need to do something the iOS device can’t and I need a desktop client, I check my email there.

I just wish there would be other mail clients for my iPod and iPad. I have tried a couple, but don’t like them. I am not a fan of the single inbox, and would like to have a separate place for my personal email to avoid sending mail from the wrong address. That would be my only complaint.

What about you. Has the iPod or iPad changed the way you do email? Leave a comment below.

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Adobe Photoshop CS5 Learn by Video

On November 11, 2010, in Book Review, Photography, Review, by Suzé Gilbert

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Learn by Video
Presented by Kelly McCathran, Scott Citron, and Ted LoCascio
Produced by video2brain
Peachpit Press
ISBN: 9780321719805
$59.99 US, $71.99 CN

Like many Photoshop users I upgrade to the current version when the need for the newest features becomes too tempting to ignore. The latest version of Adobe Photoshop is CS5. A bevy of extraordinary new improvements such as Content-Aware Fill, Camera Raw 6, Brushes, Puppet Warp, Refine Edge Dialog, amongst others, make this application a creative and more efficient way to process workflow.

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iSkin Cases – The Touch Duo and The Vibe
Company: iSkin
Price: $34.99 USD Touch Duo, $29.99 USD Vibe
Website Links – VibeTouch Duo

If you are like me and can’t afford the latest iPod Touch, or there is nothing wrong with your 2nd/3rd generation iPod Touch, you can help make that iPod last longer with a great case from iSkin. Today we’ll be looking at the iSkin Vibe and the Touch Duo cases.

These cases offer remarkable everyday protection for your iPod Touch, a level of protection you usually don’t find in other products.

The iSkin Vibe:

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By guest reviewer Devon Gilbert and John “Nemo” Nemerovski

Devon and Nemo spent hours listening, evaluating, and comparing these three innovative, affordable headphones with microphones, or headsets, if you prefer the term. We will first describe them one at a time before we rate or rank them.

Crossfade LP
Company: v-moda
Price: $200
Web site

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Coby Vitruvian Speaker System
Company: Coby
Price: $59.99 US
Product Page

Most people listen to music on their iPods with earbuds or headphones. But sometimes it’s nice to dock the iPod into a set of speakers. Could the Coby Vitruvian Speaker System be your next purchase?

The Coby Vitruvian is made for iPod and iPhone, as well as other MP3 players. It’s compatible with iPods that go back as far as the 3rd generation, so it’s a safe bet that your iPod will work with the Vitruvian. I tested my iPhone 3GS, first generation iPod Touch, and 60GB iPod Video (now known as iPod Classic).

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Soulra Solar Powered iPod Speaker
Company: Eton
Price: $180 to $200 online

Superpipe Battery Powered iPod Speaker
Company: Skullcandy
Price: $70 to $100 online

Eton’s Soulra is the most innovative portable iPod speaker/dock and audio player we have evaluated at MyMac. Charge its Li-Ion battery with the included AC power unit and play Soulra anywhere and everywhere for four hours. Flip open the built-in solar panel charger and continue trickle charging while enjoying your music. When inclement weather dampens your picnic, or when you are at the beach, fold closed the hinged solar panel and listen to the weatherproof sealed unit.

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Nano Nano

On September 14, 2010, in Apple, iPod, iPod Nano, iPod Touch, Opinion, by Scott Willsey

Since the introduction of Apple’s new iPod lineup on September 1st, there has been a lot of commentary on the internet about the new iPod nano. While most people seem to view it as a worthy update that creates a very nice, focused music player, some people are upset with Apple for removing features that were in the previous generation of nano. I think they are wrong to perceive the changes negatively. Apple’s decision to go against conventional wisdom and remove features from the new nano makes sense, in my opinion.

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v-JAYS over-ear lightweight clear-bass folding headphones
Company: JAYS (of Sweden)
Price: $98 US (not available until approximately November, 2010)

Martin Taylor enjoys listening to music. But he doesn’t like headphones, any of them, because “they always color the sound in a way that is unnatural.” I asked him to help test the new v-JAYS from Sweden. He was impressed. (He is a MyMac reviewer, The Other Martin Taylor, not the famous jazz guitarist although our Martin does play a Taylor guitar. He also owns a Martin.)

“Bass is very strong and clear, Nemo,” he said. “Much more than I’ve heard before. These must be expensive headphones.” Not especially, I told him. They are priced under $100.

What about design, construction, and fit? “Really lightweight and comfortable,” said Martin. “I could sit and listen with them all day, both for pleasure and at work. The folding earpieces aren’t essential, but they’ll help with packing and travel. Is there a case provided?” No, I told him.

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AmpTune — Dual Dock Stereo Speakers + Charger for iPhone/iPod/iPod touch
Company: Macally

Price: $70 MSRP ($51.22 U.S. from—good value!)

Audiophiles: stop reading now. This product is not for you.

Normal music listeners: pay attention. You may overlook this unusual speaker system, which would be a mistake.

AmpTune, just released from Macally, is a small, compact, versatile, affordable, portable or powered way to hear music and view iPhone/iTouch videos with style and innovation. A handy remote control unit allows users to switch tracks and adjust volume, plus a couple of other tricks, from across the room. Audio quality is concentrated on the midrange spectrum, but by setting your player’s equalizer to Bass Booster the audio response is fine for typical listening situations.

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IDR350m Increased Dynamic Range Earphones with mic and tapLine™ control

Company: Scosche
Price: $54.99

There are a lot of choices when it comes to earphones for your iPhone, iPod, or iPod Touch, so a company needs to do something just a little bit differently to get noticed, and the $49.95 IDR350m earphones from Scosche are worth a look.

I do not ask much from a set of earphones. They need to have good sound quality, play music fairly well, eliminate some outside noise, and be comfortable. Some might say they even need to look good. But that is about it. But these went a little further

So lets have a look at each of these requirements one at a time:

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Mophie Radura iPod Cases – Review

On December 3, 2008, in Cases, iPod, Review, by Rich Lefko

Mophie Radura iPod Cases
Company: Mophie

Price: $20.00

I prefer iPod cases that are clear. I love the look of iPods in general and think it is a shame to cover them up with a case that hides the unit. Mophie’s Radura cases fit my iPod case criteria.

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MyMac Podcast 184
Is iPod Killing Hi-Fi

On May 16, 2008, in Podcast, by The MyMac Podcast

Download the MP3 here, or better yet SUBSCRIBE in iTunes
A large cast this tackles the question: is the iPod generation killing Hi-Fi? Does high fidelity have a place in todays world of small MP3 players and online music stores? Also, All Over the Mac chats with Anne Bowden, and Sam Levin hits us with a new Cool Mac Picks. If all that was not enough, we have a new contest! Listen for your chance to win a $120 Essential Jacket from SCOTTEVEST.

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