Unboxing the new iPod Shuffle

Ah, there is nothing like new Apple gear, eh? And what could be better than one of the smallest Apple hardware products of all time, the all new, second generation iPod Shuffle!

Dan Rodriguez, good friend of MyMac.com, emailed us his unpacking pictures of the new little iPod. Thanks, Dan! Check out the packaging, and see just how small the iPod Shuffle really is!

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New Apple Gear: The Good…the Bad…and the Ugly

WOO-HOO! A Stevenote to remember as Guy crashes and burns with new Apple announcements. Hilarity ensues.

About Guy Serle

Guy is a long-time Mac user (since 1987) and insists on inflicting his opinions on technology even when others around him wishes he wouldn't. He's married and the father of two sons. He used to take Tae Kwon Do until the shame of being beaten up by teenagers became too great. He now gets his fix for personal humiliation each week as the co-host of the MyMac Podcast with GazMaz

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