Unboxing the new iPod Shuffle

On November 4, 2006, in iPod shuffle, Opinion, by Tim Robertson

Ah, there is nothing like new Apple gear, eh? And what could be better than one of the smallest Apple hardware products of all time, the all new, second generation iPod Shuffle!

Dan Rodriguez, good friend of MyMac.com, emailed us his unpacking pictures of the new little iPod. Thanks, Dan! Check out the packaging, and see just how small the iPod Shuffle really is!

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New Apple Gear: The Good…the Bad…and the Ugly

On September 13, 2006, in Opinion, by Guy Serle

With all the new Apple announcements today, a certain Senator once again will have to be VERY concerned about how full his pipes are. A friend asked me what his name was, but I had to admit that I wasn’t sure. My wife keeps up on these things so I quickly told him, “I don’t know, Alaska.” Ba-da BUMP PSSSSssssshhhh.

OK, all joking aside (yes that was a joke), the Stevenote was very interesting and had me excited because I am in FULL reality distortion field mode while it’s going on. Makes the crash afterwards very difficult to manage, though I must admit that it does bring back vague half remembered memories from rock concerts in the 1970s. Let’s start with the good, the bad, and the ugly from each category.

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Using the iPod Shuffle

On March 28, 2005, in iPod shuffle, Opinion, by David Casseres

Today I finally snapped and bought myself a Shuffle. I’m listening to it as I write this.

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