Just Mobile Highway

Just Mobile Highway Company: Just Mobile Price: $34.99 Just Mobile Highway is a car charger for iPhone, iPad and other USB-powered devices. The Highway plugs into

About Vicki Stokes

Vicki is a IT professional working in the Silicon Valley. Listen to her podcast, 3 Geeky Ladies, co-hosted with Suzé Gilbert and Elisa Pacelli.

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Review: Callpod Chargepod

Chargepod Company: Callpod Price: $49.99 and up depending on package and accessories Website: http://www.callpod.com If you are like me you travel with numerous chargers.

About Donny Yankellow

In addition to writing for MyMac.com since the Fall of 2005 he is an art teacher, freelance artist/illustrator, and is a father of one son. Donny is also the author/illustrator of several children's ebooks. Donny's degree is in Visual Communications and he hold certification in K-12 Art Education. His hobbies (besides Mac and Apple stuff) include soccer, animation, and reading anything written by Stephen King.

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