Fotomagico 4.6 – Review

On July 1, 2015, in iMovie, iPhoto, iTunes, Photography, Review, by Steve Hammond

Fotomagico 4
Price: $99.99
Company: Boinx Software

Photographers like to show their work to people around them, and on the Internet. There are multiple ways of doing it, such as a web sites, image sharing, or social sites (Flickr, Google+, Facebook), but nothing comes close to a good slideshow. Read on to see how Fotomagico 4.6 can help you create good looking presentations.


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About Steve Hammond

Steve is a computer geek, and he has been for many years. He has studied computer science for 15 years, with a college degree in computer science, a backchelor degree in computer with a minor in mathematics, and a Master degree in computer science. In high school he was initiated to computer on an Apple II, then his parents bought him a Commodore 64, then a Mac Plus. But in computer science, DOS and Windows PC were used mostly, so he switched to the dark side for a while. In 2000 he began doing some photography, then discovered iPhoto which make him come back to the Macintosh in 2002. Since, he became a Mac geek again and he sure won't turn back to the PC.

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iMovie The Missing Manual – Review

On September 26, 2014, in Apps, Audio, Book Review, iMovie, iOS, iWork, Review, Video, by Mark Sealey

iMovie The Missing Manual
Author: David Pogue
O’Reilly Press
ISBN-10: 1491947322
ISBN-13: 978-1491947326
Price: Ebook: $33.99
Print: $39.99
Print and Ebook: $43.99

10- 1491947322
The “Missing Manual” series, of course, aims to fill gaps that many pieces of software (may) leave by having no – or an inadequate – manual. iMovie The Missing Manual (O’Reilly) looks at Apple’s venerable movie editing software.

The status (in and out of the iLife suite), pricing, versioning, naming, scope, purpose and popularity of Apple’s own iMovie have all varied significantly since the software’s introduction in 1999.

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About Mark Sealey

Mark Sealey is a British expatriate working and living in Southern California with his artist/writer wife, Roberta Lannes-Sealey, whom he met in 1996, when the web, she and he were much younger. Mark's interest in computers began in the the early ‘80s when his father suggested that, If we don’t understand how to control them, they’ll creep up behind us and make life unbearable. Have they? Using the venerable Acorn system until his move to the US, Mark wrote extensively about the BBC and RISC machines. He concentrated chiefly on education, music and productivity/system software; at the time Micronet and Prestel led the way for wide area networking… he published over 2,000 articles for these outlets. After graduating with a humanities degree, Mark was a teacher for 20 years until 1994 - first in Italy then the UK. Becaming increasingly attracted to the world of information technology as a major contributor to children’s learning and development, he eventually moved to editing the UK’s chief journals in the educational computing. He has always enjoyed freelance reviewing, consulting, editing and writing. When he moved to the US, he was fortunate enough to find full time employment at a major arts non-profit as a software engineer; though it’s doubtful if there’s a single skill which he was originally hired to use that’s still in daily use. Mark is also a composer of chamber and orchestral music, music critic, a published poet, photographer and environmentalist with an enthusiasm for fitness, vegan nutrition and long distance running. He is now convinced that only humans’ humility can save our planet.

iPad Animation – iBook Review

On March 24, 2014, in Book Review, iMovie, Review, by Donny Yankellow

iPad Animation How to Make Stop Motion Movies On The iPad with iStopMotion, GarageBand, and iMove
Author: Craig Lauridsen
Publisher: Acumen
Price: $9.99
328 Pages


At first glance iPad Animation How to Make Stop Motion Movies On The iPad with iStopMotion, GarageBand, and iMove by Craig Lauridsen looks like a giant advertisement or manual for the iPad app iStopMotion by Boinx Software. However, as you get further into the book it is much more. It is a great book on stop motion animation that has tips and techniques that can be used with any software, even though iStopMotion is the software used and explained in the book.

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About Donny Yankellow

In addition to writing for since the Fall of 2005 he is an art teacher, freelance artist/illustrator, and is a father of one son. Donny is also the author/illustrator of several children's ebooks. Donny's degree is in Visual Communications and he hold certification in K-12 Art Education. His hobbies (besides Mac and Apple stuff) include soccer, animation, and reading anything written by Stephen King.

MyMac Podcast 482 – Where is that EUREKA moment?

On November 14, 2013, in Podcast, by The MyMac Podcast

New TVs, automobile accidents, HUGE watches that control scoreboards, and iCloud solutions make up quite a bit of this week’s show. The GMen also talk about what’s Cooking (oh so clever seque) over at Apple. Of course a lot of your comments as well along with a lot of Guy and Gaz nonsense. So buckle up, sit back, and enjoy the ride!

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Guy’s PickiMovie from Apple
Gaz’s App Mac app Pick – Snapheal
People’s Pick: Allister Jenks Fontastic iOS  and Rob Rait selects My Talking Pet app for iOS

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Apple’s Future – MyMac Podcast #445

On February 20, 2013, in Podcast, by The MyMac Podcast

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Guy and Gaz are finally back together to record a podcast after a few weeks and shake some of the rust off. Guy HATES the way he sounds and this caused a delay since his fix actually made it worse (surprise). Then the GMen talk (and disagree) on where Apple’s future is going and whether or not the Mac will still be there to see it.

LineIn by Rogue Amobea FREE!
iMovie by Apple kinda free
XtraFinder by Tran Ky Nam Software FREE!

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A Whole Lot of Nothing
MyMac Podcast #348

On May 5, 2011, in Podcast, by The MyMac Podcast

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For a show that started off with Guy desperately trying to find a topic, they sure talked a lot. Some email and Twitter questions are up first, followed by a long discussion about Apple’s new shiny iMacs (Oh that quad-core goodness!) and another on how iMovie for iOS is NOT the only game in town.

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Create a Media Browser Using Automator

On November 26, 2007, in How-To, Macintosh, by Bakari Chavanu

If you haven’t noticed yet, each of Apple’s main creative suite applications including iMovie, iDVD, Address Book, Keynote, Pages, Numbers, and now, Mail’s Stationery feature, includes a photo browser whereby you can access photos stored and managed in your iPhoto and Aperture libraries. This means that if you’re sending an email, creating a DVD slide show, editing a video movie, creating a postcard or newsletter letter layout in Pages, or putting together a spreadsheet in which you need photos or images, you can now access your images directly from the program you’re working in.

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MyMac Podcast 140
New iMac, iLife, iWork, and Bruce Gee

On August 10, 2007, in Podcast, by The MyMac Podcast

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A long show this week as the guys look at all the latest iMacs, iLife 08, and iWork 08. The big news is the changes to iMovie, and the complete lack of third party support for iMovie plug-ins. As such, we chat with the biggest name in iMovie plug-ins, Bruce Gee of Also, who is David Cowan, and what did he say to get Tim so mad at him? Listen to the show to find out.

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iMovie 2 Solutions
Book Review

On June 24, 2002, in iMovie, Review, by Chris Seibold

iMovie 2 Solutions
Author: Erica Sadun

Publisher: Sybex
Price: $40.00
ISBN: 0782140882

Say you make a fairly great movie with the worlds greatest program: iMovie. Still, you think your newly birthed video masterpiece lacks something. Perhaps it’s a unique blend or a splashy title. At the moment of export you might stop and wonder: “Should I upgrade to Final Cut Pro?” I can answer that question for you, just follow the following formula: (Money you plan to earn from this movie)+(Money you plan to earn with next 10 movies)/(cost of Final Cut Pro)=Justification. If “justification” is greater than 1, I say buy the program. If not it is far wiser, fiscally speaking, to stick with iMovie.

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iMovie Confession

On June 11, 2002, in iMovie, Opinion, by Chris Seibold

If I have a regular reader it’s probably due to a high fiber diet, to which I say: “Keep it up Sir/Madam your chance of colon cancer is significantly reduced.” If people exist who actually read the stuff I write more than once said individuals may have noted that I seem to be trending towards a subject matter that’s a bit iMovie heavy. I feel certain this reader might be wondering “Hey Chris Seibold, why so much iMovie stuff?” and “If I shot you from a distance of six hundred yards would anyone be impressed?” Taking the second question first: No, no one would be impressed. My head is so large in comparison with my body that I resemble a bobble head doll. Addressing the second question: The reason I review so much iMovie stuff is because I love iMovie.

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Slick Transitions & Effects Vol. I and II

On March 13, 2002, in Review, by Tim Robertson

Slick Transitions & Effects Vol. I and II
OS X Compatible

Pricing: $29.95 (Each volume, $49.95 Bundle)

Ah, iMovie. As many of you know, iMovie was the very first application to fit in the “Digital Lifestyle” suite of applications and hardware from Apple. With iMovie, you could import digital video, edit, cut, and change the video somewhat, and export back out of the computer. Now at version 2, iMovie has become many Mac users favorite program, proving that the Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, may have been right. Editing digital video on your computer is the next big thing, such as document creation (desktop publishing) was in the 1980’s. If so, Apple is far ahead of the competition. And iMovie, at least for home computer users, is by far the easiest and most intuitive video editing software yet made. But as good as iMovie is, there is room for improvements.

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