It’s Not Happening Yet

On December 16, 2011, in Opinion, by Scott Willsey

The death of Steve Jobs did more than rob the tech industry of a visionary. It also robbed some people of confidence in Apple as a company.

It’s fair to wonder if Apple can remain the same company long term. The most important thing Steve Jobs really gave to Apple (and the tech industry and our culture), in my opinion, was the ability to look beyond the status quo and start pushing computers and portable technology into the future. Yes, he was finicky about product refinement and details, but I think there are plenty of other people at Apple who can do beautiful design and obsess over those details. What’s not clear is whether any of them could have envisioned the iPad, or stopped in their tracks to go make the iPhone, or to have known what projects to say no to along the way.

Yesterday I read a blog post written by a friend of mine that detailed a number of problems he’s had with Apple products lately. The list was lengthy and included issues with the iPhone 4S, OS X 10.7, Apple TV, and iCloud. I’m not going to address them here, save to say that he’s seeing some things that I’ve never seen (apps crashing on iPhone and OS X 10.7, iPhone freezing, Apple TV not wanting to work with AirPlay). Nevertheless, I will admit I’ve had enough of my own issues with OS X 10.7, iTunes on the Mac, and iTunes Match to agree that not everything is perfect in Apple land in December 2011.

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About Scott Willsey

Scott is a long time Apple enthusiast whose first personally owned computer was the original 128k Macintosh introduced in 1984. He has 35 years of experience computing experience, working with Apple II, Mac OS X, Windows, and a variety of flavors of Unix and Linux, and last but far from least, iOS. Scott can be reached on Twitter at @scottaw and his website is at

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Using iWeb 08
Part 6

On December 12, 2007, in How-To, Using iWeb, by Guy Serle

Putting it all together
If you have stuck with me so far, I’ve talked a lot about how to use iWeb’s powerful built-in tools, how to make your own navigation bar, and how to set up Master Pages. What have I left out? Oh yeah, some other tools you may find useful and actually using the program.

What ELSE do I need?
In all honesty, you don’t really need any other tools beyond what iWeb and the other programs that make up the iLife suite provide. Apple has been kind enough to include very powerful text and graphic manipulation software to get you started. However, no man is an island and no web site worth it’s weight in pixels is typically made alone. As I said, iWeb includes some very good tools, but they are far from complete. For some other really cool and creative text and graphic manipulation, you may need to go outside the Apple enclosed world.

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About Guy Serle

Guy is a long-time Mac user (since 1987) and insists on inflicting his opinions on technology even when others around him wishes he wouldn't. He's married and the father of two sons. He used to take Tae Kwon Do until the shame of being beaten up by teenagers became too great. He now gets his fix for personal humiliation each week as the co-host of the MyMac Podcast with GazMaz

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• Macworld Expo • Macworld Photos (Nemo) #11

On January 15, 2005, in Macworld Expo, by John Nemerovski
• Macworld Expo • Macworld Photos (Nemo) #11

About John Nemerovski

John "Nemo" Nemerovski is MyMac's Reviews Editor. He is a private and small group personal technology tutor in Tucson, Arizona, USA, with an emphasis on iPad and iPhone training, plus basic computing, digital photography, and Photoshop. Nemo is an accomplished music instructor on keyboard and guitar, and an expert artisan bread baker. If you are interested in writing reviews or requesting a product review on MyMac, contact him: nemo [ a t ] mymac [ d o t ] c o m.

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An early look at Macworld Expo 2005

On November 4, 2004, in Macworld Expo, Opinion, by Tim Robertson

Believe it or not, we are only two months away from another Macworld Expo! (And even scarier, around seven weeks until Christmas! AHHH!) So I was thinking, and without going into the rumor mill, what can we expect at this Macworld Expo?

On the Apple side, I think it is reasonable to look for both a new hardware and software product announcement. The new iMac was just released, so I don’t expect anything new on that end. The PowerMac G5 line is still relatively fresh, but a huge speed boost would probably be in order come the first of the year. I would not, however, consider a G5 speed boost a Steve Jobs “One More Thing” moment. I expect he will mention it in passing during the keynote, however.

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iMac – Incredible Value or Overpriced Sucker Bet?

On September 7, 2004, in Opinion, by Chris Seibold

When Apple introduces a new product people are going to complain and their number one complaint is going to be cost. Like heat flowing from a hotter body to a colder one the whining is inevitable. Of course this time it seems particularly bad, it feels as though my computer is parked behind a constantly revving 747. The best way to whine is with your dollars: if you think it is too expensive then don’t buy one. Well that’s not good enough, you gotta bitch right?

Of course you do and the number one gripe is why does a $1,500 computer include such a crappy graphics card? A fine argument, I’m down with you cause, you know, iLife relies heavily on the GPU.. What? It doesn’t? In that case I definitely agree because you need a 9800 or better to run Motion, andWhat? If you’re a Motion user you’re a G5 owner? Well of course you need that super awesome video card for games Now just shut your whining pie hole for half a second. If you’re really into games don’t you have a PC you built yourself. Or an Xbox? Geeze the gaming specs for video cards change so fast that unless you have a spring-loaded AGP slot you can’t keep up. So keep the game grievances to yourself. I know similarly priced all in one PC’s have way better graphics card, just look at the Sony VAIO W. The Sony features a high-end integrated graphics chip that uses your system memory. Sure the VIAO costs way more but.. What’s that? Integrated video sucks? Well never mind then.

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