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TechFan Podcast #78

On May 25, 2012, in TechFan, by Tim Robertson

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Tim Robertson and David Cohen discuss David’s week-long love affair with his Greece Stomach Virus, the iHome Genuine Fit Case for the iPad, HP and the Enyo team, SpaceX, Airfoil, Facebook stock, the confusing state of PSP games on the PSVita, and the wonderful Because We May sale. Wow, what a long sentence!

Because We May

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iW1 AirPlay Wireless Audio System with Rechargeable Battery
Price: $300.00 US

iHome’s new iW1 speaker will change your life and the way you listen to music. Soon all speakers will be this versatile. For now, purchasers need relatively deep pockets and a modest grasp of technology to set up and use iW1 to its maximum capabilities.

A thorough written manual is included that makes the process relatively straightforward. A dedicated and full-featured web site for this product and its technology is here, including FAQs and how-to video. Web-based and telephone tech support are available too.

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NB639 Fitness Evolved Headphones

On November 17, 2011, in Audio, Earphones, Features, Review, by John Nemerovski

Guest review by Jim Dicker, Ironman Triathlete
NB639 Fitness Evolved Headphones
Company: iHome Audio
Price: $99.99

iHome’s New Balance Heart Rate Monitor and Pedometer, officially called NB639 Fitness Evolved Headphonescomes with earbuds, a combination heart rate monitor/pedometer/chronograph, and a USB dongle that uploads data and recharges the heart rate monitor. The monitoring device must be connected to an iPod or other MP3 player. Also included in the package is a CD containing the user manual and the installer for the Internet based Heart Balance software that stores and graphs the uploaded data. The NB639 retails for $99.99.

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iHome iA63 App-Enhanced Alarm Clock FM Radio Stereo Speaker System
Company: iHome
Price: $99 US
Compatible with all versions of iPod touch, iPhone 3, 3GS, 4

iHome has a history of creating functional, multi-purpose products. The iHome iA63 is the latest in the series. Combining an alarm clock, iPod/iPhone dock, FM radio, and speakers into one sleek unit is no easy task, but iHome found a way to do it, and do it well, with a few exceptions.

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iH24D Deluxe Table AM/FM iPod Speaker
Company: iHome

Price: $49.99

There is a place for high-end quality audio. There is also a place for inexpensive audio. Somewhere in the middle there is a sweet spot for most iPod music lovers, and the iHome iH24D Deluxe speaker fits right there.

Looking at pictures online at, I knew the iHome iH24D was a small unit, but just how small was not apparently clear until I set it up with an iPod connected to it. This is a very small, but surprisingly robust, speaker. It looks like an older Boston Acoustic shelf speaker I owned back in the early 1990′s, but turned on its side.

The look of the iHome iH24D is the most appealing aspect. While not great audio quality, for the price and what it is, it is more than adequate for a small room, or sitting on an office shelf. The woodgrain compliments the black front grill and control knobs well. This is one iPod speaker that does not look cheap or inexpensive.

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