iHome FIT Sport Ear Buds – Review

On July 9, 2014, in Features, Review, by Vicki Stokes

iHome FIT Sport Ear Buds
Company: iHome
Price: $24.99


The iHome Fitness Innovation Technology, FIT, is a line of audio products for active use or while lounging on your sofa. The iB11 2-in-1 sport ear buds that I reviewed are on the lower end of the line which made me curious about the higher end ear buds.

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iB85 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with Mic, Remote Control, and Pouch
iHome Audio
Price: $150

iHome photo

iHome Audio’s iB85 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones comes with a handy, weatherproof carrying case, comprehensive written instructions, and a USB charging cable. These on-ear headphones are attractive black, red, and silver, with hinge-folding earpieces for travel convenience. The left earpiece has power, Bluetooth, volume, and track advance button zones.

iB85 is not forgiving when source audio quality is substandard, including older recordings that don’t stand up to detailed listening. This attribute is a bonus, not a demerit, for today’s high performance headphones. You may be amazed at the immense variation from sensational to awful of all recorded popular music; classical and jazz recordings are usually consistently better than pop tracks.

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iP4 Portable Boombox with FM Radio
for iPhone and iPod with 30-pin Dock Connector
Available in Black, Blue, or Pink
Company: iHome Audio
Price: $200

User report review

Attention to detail. Retro-techno. Custom equalization. Fully portable. Fashion statement. Imaginative design. Conversation piece. Decent FM radio. Loud. Accurate midrange and treble. Rich bass tones. Suitable for all genres. Magnetized remote. iPhone/iPod security brace. Massive rubberized handle. Written manual.

The boombox is back. Are you happy with this news, or are you running for cover? Today’s iPhone/iPod boombox is very different from its predecessors. iHome Audio’s iP4 is fully digital, sonically accurate, and ready to rock or help you relax, as you prefer.

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iW2 AirPlay Speaker System
Company: iHome Audio
Price: $200

User Report

iHome Audio continues to innovate as the company expands its impressive lineup of AirPlay speakers. The new model iW2 is just like the original iW1, reviewed here, except iW2 is smaller, not quite as loud, and is AC powered only, instead of being also battery powered.

In form and function both iW1 and iW2 are identical, except iW2 spent too much time in the clothes dryer and shrunk down in size. For a hundred dollars less, $200 compared to $300, iW2 lacks some of the larger unit’s audio power and all of its portability.

iHome’s full retail price tags are being used here. Internet pricing is inconsistent for both products, so shop at a reliable local or online merchant for optimum value and customer service.

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