The Disko iPod Case

The Disko brings what has always been missing to the iPod: flashing and chasing lights. I didn’t say you were missing this feature, just that the iPod was missing it. Is it worth the thirty dollar asking price? Read the review to find out.

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Tim and Chad talk up the new iMacs, Mac mini, and reveal the $1,750 worth of free Mac gear to be given away on the 100th podcast.

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Chad Perry (of MyMac Podcast fame) takes a look at the new TuneBox from Griffin Technology for the iPod Shuffle. A small speaker system, we look what it is, and what it could have been.

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We talked about the MyMacGuys podcast, which you can find at this link.

A new Not Mac News with Chris Seibold. What is Project 1989? You have to hear it to find out.

We announce the Griffin Technology contest winners from last week. Click here to find out what was up for grabs!

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I had heard a few Mac people talking about the PowerMate, and up until a month ago, I simply shrugged my shoulders and went on my merry way.

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