David Weeks and John Nemo collaborated on this user report.

Products used for our testing and evaluation are:

Seagate GoFlex for Mac Ultra-portable Drive ($150)

Seagate GoFlex Pro for Mac Ultra-portable Drive ($130)

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Seagate GoFlex Thunderbolt Adapters – First Look – Nemo Memo

Internet prices: $100 and $190 (approximately)

It’s not easy to test these innovative new Thunderbolt adapters from Seagate. I needed a compatible GoFlex portable hard drive with its removable USM cable module, and a GoFlex Desk hard drive with removable base, both of  which I have. I needed an Apple Thunderbolt cable, which I didn’t have. I needed a Thunderbolt-equipped Macintosh, which I also don’t have.

Seagate provided our evaluation GoFlex Thunderbolt adapters. Then they sent a $50 Apple Thunderbolt cable. So far so good. A local retail establishment generously provided the latest 15 inch MacBook Pro with Thunderbolt port. One of my Mac tutorial clients agreed to let me use his new 13 inch MacBook Air. I was ready to proceed.

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GoFlex Slim Performance USB Drive

On June 30, 2011, in Hard Drive, Macintosh, Review, by John Nemerovski

GoFlex Slim Performance USB Drive
$100 for 320GB

It’s not the least expensive or the highest capacity external hard drive, but it is the slimmest, and it does have good performance on both Mac and Windows computers. You need to reformat GoFlex Slim using an idiosyncratic NTFS method specified by Seagate to achieve optimum Mac/PC compatibility. MyMac recommends you do this immediately after purchase.

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Life changes forever when you have a 3TB external FireWire 800 + USB2 AC powered  hard drive. You can backup and archive anything and everything. You’ll be glad you paid the extra $60 over the price of the puny 2TB GoFlex Desk for Mac sibling.

So far so good. Hard drives backed up? Check! iOS devices backed up? Check! Photo and music libraries’ redundant archives? Check! Plenty of additional storage capacity for future expansion and bloatware? Double check!

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GoFlex for Mac
Company: Seagate
GoFlex and GoFlex Pro for Mac Ultra-portable Drive – speed, capacity, pricing:
GoFlex 5400RPM: 1TB ($190) or 1.5TB ($220)
GoFlex Pro 7200RPM: 500GB ($140) or 750GB ($170)

Formatted for TimeMachine, with Windows compatibility possible, these two new bus powered external backup and storage portable hard drives from Seagate are fine products. A generous three year warranty is provided.

Unusual non-standard FireWire800 and USB2 cable adapters connect directly into a GoFlex’s rear SATA port for live plug and play swappable access. Don’t lose those cable segments! Exterior silver outer shell material is pleasant to touch with a gentle and soft tactile feel. There is no carrying case or protective cover.

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