It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock ’n’ roll
If you think it’s easy doin’ one night stands
Try playin’ in a rock roll band
It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock ’n’ roll

 – AC/DC – “It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock ’N’ Roll)”

The recent kerfuffle between Taylor Swift and Apple regarding payments for streaming tracks during the company’s new Music service trial left me thinking about modern day recording artists. Can anyone make it big today or do they still have to rely on the old methods to do it?

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MyMac Podcast 546: Live Long and Prosper

On March 3, 2015, in Podcast, by The MyMac Podcast

Both the GMen are sad about the death of Leonard Nimoy and dedicate this podcast to his memory. More stuff about the Maltese Cube, Guy’s son Peter is an extra on House of Cards, Gaz’s mail is still messed up, and Apple is opening two new green data centers in Europe! OK, a bit of an eclectic mix but that’s what we do.

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Differences in English!
Guy’s App Pick: Space Miner Platinum Edition By Venan Entertainment, Inc. $3.99. No stupid in-app purchases, no fighting to get through really hard levels to avoid spending more money, straightforward fun 2-D space shoot-em-up.
Gaz’s Pick: My girls have been using it a lot, and although some podcast functionality have been taken away Garageband is still a wonderfully powerful mini audio studio App. Apple have started to interlink the interface with Logic Pro, I hope this isn’t a process to get rid of one or the other, I hope and think it’s just a clever way of encouraging people to be able t easily make the move from one the the other.
People’s Pick: none this week

iPad Animation – iBook Review

On March 24, 2014, in Book Review, iMovie, Review, by Donny Yankellow

iPad Animation How to Make Stop Motion Movies On The iPad with iStopMotion, GarageBand, and iMove
Author: Craig Lauridsen
Publisher: Acumen
Price: $9.99
328 Pages


At first glance iPad Animation How to Make Stop Motion Movies On The iPad with iStopMotion, GarageBand, and iMove by Craig Lauridsen looks like a giant advertisement or manual for the iPad app iStopMotion by Boinx Software. However, as you get further into the book it is much more. It is a great book on stop motion animation that has tips and techniques that can be used with any software, even though iStopMotion is the software used and explained in the book.

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134th’s time the charm – MyMac Podcast #446

On February 25, 2013, in Podcast, by The MyMac Podcast

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Gaz is REALLY cheesed off at O2 and Guy finally, maybe, just perhaps has Audio Hijack Pro, Skype, GarageBand, and SoundBoard set up so that it will all work correctly without a single problem! Sheyeah right. Big discussion about Google’s Pixel laptop… device…wait…touch screen…oh whatever it is, the GMen talk about it. Also Mrs. Nemo OBVIOUSLY rules the tech roost in their household. Apparently also Microsoft can’t even get people to steal their products. Good thing I guess since that means no one will drive a car through their storefront windows.

Co-Pilot Live Premium HD from ALK Technologies $19.99
Dia diagram editor by Dia software 

iAudition iOS
App Review

On November 16, 2011, in Audio, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Microphone, Review, by Mark Greentree

App Developer: Everyday Giants LLC
Version Reviewed: 2.0
License: US$5.99

iAudition allows you to record vocal statements no matter where you are. Voice over artists, podcasters, and journalists alike will rejoice at the simplicity and control this app has to offer.

The first thing you will notice upon launching the app is the large record button placed squarely in the middle of the display. Simply tap and start recording. It is really that quick! 

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The Mac OS X Lion Project Book Review

On September 13, 2011, in Book Review, Features, How-To, Mac OS X, Macintosh, Review, by Mark Greentree

The Mac OS X Lion Project Book
Author: Scott McNulty
Publisher: Peachpit Press
ISBN-13: 978-0-321-78851-1, 240 pages
Price: Paperback US$24.99, Book + eBook Bundle US$31.99, eBook only US$15.99

The Mac OS X Lion Project Book takes a look at stuff you can do on your Mac. It explores the new operating system along with additional popular software and hardware to further enhance your user experience.

The most common projects you would be likely to undertake are explored within this book. Projects ranging from managing the files on your Mac to creating a Podcast are explored in detail.

Each project is presented with the idea of achieving a specific task. It is assumed that you will have a basic knowledge of computing but the author does his best to simplify the process for new users to the Mac platform.

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Don doesn’t have another daughter with an 18th birthday this week, so he couldn’t reasonably get away from the GMen. We talk a bit about his methods and madness when doing screencasts (in the middle of crazy GarageBand delays which screws all of us up). We also chat up a new possible version of Final Cut Pro (which naturally DID happen RIGHT after we finished recording), Jailbreaking iOS devices, and discover that Don is a bit Squirrelly.

QuickOffice for the iPad
Stupid Zombies
Squrl online video management
The Podcast urges all our listeners to please go to iTunes and make a donation to the Red Cross to help with their relief efforts.

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Adobe Goes All Marsupial
MyMac Podcast #342

On March 24, 2011, in Podcast, by The MyMac Podcast

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The Podcast urges all our listeners to please go to iTunes and make a donation to the Red Cross to help with their relief efforts.

JollyJap gives the GMen a couple of weird stories (as our unofficial Twitter Correspondent! Congrats Paul…I think) and Tom Engels from the Explorer’s Podcast has a question or two about iTunes and GarageBand problems that is certain to induce nightmares for Guy. China seems to hate juveniles, and Android beating iOS in web tests goes down in a Blaze! Old timers remember Bungie’s Myth and now it seems to be back! Lastly, Adobe makes a Flash to HTML 5 conversion tool called Wallaby (but apparently doesn’t carry around their employees in a pouch). If Flash is going to win out over Apple’s objections, why do they need it?

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Trick or Treat from Apple

On October 18, 2010, in Features, by Guy Serle

Oh Apple, you just LOVE screwing with my head. Just when it seemed like this was going to be year of nothing but iOS and mobile devices (the AppleTV being somewhat of an exception, but since it’s essentially running the iOS it hardly counts), you throw out an invitation for some serious Mac love. So let’s throw out a few predictions of what’s coming on October 20th.

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Walmart is right on Target!
MyMac Podcast 315

On October 14, 2010, in Podcast, by The MyMac Podcast
We get some very nice feedback from Twitter and a Skype call from a Mystery caller about iWeb. Is iLife 11 coming out soon? Amazon’s German site seems to think so. Guy and Gaz spend some time talking about what they’d like to see in the next version just in time for GarageBand to crash. Also, Walmart and Target will soon be selling iPads. Who in Apple thought THAT was a good idea?
If you liked OWCRadio, you’ll love TechFan and you’ll find it in the MyMac iTunes feed. Lastly, use the code MyMac15 to get 15% off ANY software at the Ambrosia Software.

Space Miners

and Guy on Twitter,, or our Skype direct number 703-436-9501.
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Review – Photo to Movie

On June 30, 2010, in Macintosh, Photography, Review, by Elisa Pacelli

Photo to Movie 4.5
Company: LQ Graphics
Price: $49.95

Have you ever created a slideshow of your favorite photos, but wished it could have a little more pizazz? Would you like more control of the motion, transitions, even the music in the slideshow? Let me show you Photo to Movie.

Now, before you start thinking, “Ugh, more vacation slides for me to sit through at my friend’s party…,” think about looking at photos in a whole new way. Normally, you would look at one photo after another, possibly including some awkward transitions. Eventually they would all start to blend together in your mind—and you’ve mentally left the party. Start creating your slideshows with Photo to Movie, and you’ll never have to live out this sad scenario again.

Photo to Movie (PTM) produces slideshows that make the viewer feel like part of the action. It’s not quite the same as watching movement in a video, but it can be pretty close.

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Make Music on your Mac – GarageBand Loops – Review

On November 20, 2008, in Macintosh, Review, by Tim Robertson

Make Music on your Mac

Price: £30.00

One of the greatest things first-time GarageBand users discover and start playing with is the Loops. Loops are short snippets of music that you can use to beef up your recordings. Need a drum to accompany your guitar playing? Perhaps you want some string instruments at the beginning of your track? GarageBand has hundreds of music loops to use, built right into the program. What more could you need?

Well, it turns out, if you use GarageBand often, you will need and want many more Loops at your disposal. As many as you can get, honestly. The more the merrier, as the saying goes. And that’s where Make Music on your Mac comes in.

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MyMac Podcast #159
Cool Mac Picks and Expo

On December 21, 2007, in Podcast, by The MyMac Podcast

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A full show this week with Tim, Chad, Guy, Rich, and Russ to kick it off. We look at some of the rumors and speculation on upcoming Apple products, Think Secret going off-line, and ringtones from GarageBand for your iPhone. John Nemo plays with the Edirol R-09 in a car, along with the Jalapeno Chorus. Finally, Sam Levin joins Tim and Chad for a Cool Mac Picks for the first time in months!

As always, we would love to have some feedback. Send us an email here, or simply call 1-801-938-5559 and leave a message.

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On June 13, 2007, in Macintosh, Review, by Guy Serle

Ubercaster V 1.1
Company: Pleasant Software for the People

Price: $79.99

I’ve been following Pleasant Software for the People’s (no, I’m not making that name up) Ubercaster with great interest for some time. From the very first, the layout for workflow and the potential for what it could accomplish piqued my curiosity and as the betas flowed forth, I was with them every step of the way. Unfortunately each time I was disappointed by what it was actually able to do. I was greeted with crashes and poor quality recording, along with echos from some of the different inputs. Not much of a recommendation right? Well, I’m singing a different tune with the latest version. Before I go on, I’ll get what the program is out of the way.

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GarageBand or SoundTrack?

On April 28, 2004, in Opinion, by Guy Serle

GarageBand. The name alone conjures up images of untalented high schoolers banging away at instruments with their fathers grumbling about “all that noise” coming from what was once his exclusive domain. That’s not to say that many of the best and most popular bands today didn’t start out that way. However, most bands that begin in this fashion come to an inglorious end. The guys (let’s be honest, most are guys) in these bands with names that are notoriously badly spelled on purpose do this as a rule to meet young girls in hopes of a mutual understanding. The understanding is that the girls will feed their egos and hopefully remove articles of clothing. What the girls get out of this deal is a mystery to me and I freely admit that I don’t understand the way woman think and probably never will. Well, let’s not go off on THAT tangent. I think I was talking about GarageBand.

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The GarageBand contest is now live!

On February 1, 2004, in contest, by MyMac Administrator

The Garage Band Loops contest is now live!

Sponsored by and Other World Computing, you can now submit your Garage Band Loops created songs to us via email. Please check out the rules here!

Remember, no vocals, third-party loops, or external instruments are allowed in this first contest, only the loops included within the GarageBand application.

The winner will receive, courtesy of Other World Computing, an external 120GB FireWire Neptune drive! Perfect for storing your future Garage Band loops music on!

The contest runs through February 21st. All entries must be made using the original GarageBand application file format, no mps, aiff, QuickTime, or other formats are allowed.

Sit back, create as many tunes as you like using the GarageBand application, and send it in!

Click here for more information!

“GarageBand is a registered trademark of, which is not affiliated with’s contest. If you’re looking for their ongoing song contest, visit

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