USB Pocket SSD External Pocket Drive – Nemo Memo
120GB capacity ($100) or 240GB capacity ($175)

SSD120 VisionTek

The future is here. You can copy large quantities of data from a computer onto fast, small, external SSD thumb drives that can be shuttled between home, work, school, and everywhere else. VisionTek’s affordable and rugged models come in two capacities and prices. Never again will lack of space or slow transfer speeds inhibit data portability.

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There are three ways product reviewers respond to all the gadgets and gizmos we receive: dislike and send them back promptly, use them for a while but not long-term, or keep them forever even if it means parting with hardly-earned cash. The new and favorite items discussed below can be proud to be in the latter group.

Apotop AP-U2 32GB USB2 External Storage Tiny Drive — available in five colors
Price: $40 Internet price


As I write this article, Apotop’s exceptional new AP-U2 barely-external flash drive is inserted into one of my MacBook Pro’s USB ports. I am copying my entire 21.4 Music Folder from my Home Folder onto the remarkably small AP-U2, with its 32GB capacity.

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Three New Wireless Media Sharing Units — Nemo Memo Comparison

Kanex Macally Iogear Nemo

Macally WIFISD

IOGEAR MediaShair

Kanex meDrive

How low can you go? Does it make sense to save money and purchase a low-capacity iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, then extend its capacity using a wireless remote storage solution? With fast and cheap flash drives and USB external drives available, is it preferable to be thrifty when buying iOS hardware, and extravagant when considering the new types of remote and wireless personal file servers that are being released monthly?

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Mimobot USB Flash Drive: Picard — Review

On May 7, 2013, in Review, by Julie Kuehl

Captain Picard Mimobot
 — Boldly Goes Where No Flash Drive Has Gone Before!
Company: Mimoco
Capacity: 8 GB-64 GB
Compatible with: USB 2.0
Requires: OSX 10.83
Price: $24.95-66.99

Star Trek Picard Mimobot Flash Drive
ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? A Jean-Luc Picard USB stick?! How can you go wrong?

And you really can’t. The Captain Picard MIMOBOT 8 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive available for this review is a wonderful little flash drive that you can use to store and move data files just like any other USB stick.

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OWC On-The-Go Pro 240GB SSD Triple Interface External Drive
Price: $295

OWC On-The-Go Pro 500GB Triple Interface External Drive
Price: $138

Seagate Backup Plus Portable External 1TB Drive for Mac
Price: $130

Adapters are available, sold separately, to convert this drive to FireWire 800 and/or Thunderbolt


LaCie Rugged Key 16GB
Price: $40 for 16GB, or $70 for 32GB

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“Behold, the instrument of your liberation!” — Bane (The Dark Knight Rises Limited Edition) X Mimobot
Company: Mimoco
Website: Bane (The Dark Knight Rises Limited Edition) X Mimobot
Price: 16GB $29.99 USD; 32GB $39.99 USD; 64GB $69.99 USD

kore malı iphone6

Nobody can argue the recent popularity and publicity surrounding Christopher Nolan’s final installment of the Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises. While reviews about the film and its characters may be mixed, it’s hard to say that the merchandising of Batman-related products hasn’t been a success. Mimoco has just added the characters of Batman and Bane from The Dark Knight Rises to its popular line of character-themed USB 2.0 flash memory drives.

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Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 for Mac
$50 US

This new solar-powered wireless keyboard is almost perfect. It works great, but it has some perfectly annoying “features.”

There is no printed manual or full set of Internet instructions. Its web site is incomplete. No built-in indent on the keyboard is provided for storage and travel with its USB dongle. There is no way to know when the caps lock key is activated.

Aside from those four minuses, Logitech has done a stellar job with engineering and design of its new Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 for Mac. Solar and ambient light battery charging are effortless. So is power management using a free software download. Battery efficiency is exceptional.

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Two small, versatile, high-value computer accesssories:

Presenter Pro Remote with Green Laser

$50 to $230, depending on capacity

In commando, stealth mode, I strolled casually into a retail store featuring computers by a well-known company from Cupertino. I unscrewed the base cap from LaCie’s XtremKey deluxe all-terrain USB flash storage drive, exposing its USB plug tip. I discretely inserted XtremKey into a rear USB port on a new iMac, and its icon mounted instantly on the computer’s Desktop.

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MacAlly PowerLink 3-In-1 Battery Pack

On October 29, 2008, in iPhone, Review, by David Weeks

MacAlly PowerLink 3-In-1 Battery Pack/Data Sync/Flash Drive for iPhone and iPod
Company: MacAlly, Inc.
US $49.99

Raise your hand if your iPhone battery does not last long enough, especially you iPhone 3G owners.

Have you ever been caught out in the wild with a dead, or nearly dead battery? Did you forget to bring the wall charger, or a cable to connect to your laptop to recharge? Do you need a flash drive to swap an important file with a co-worker?

If you answered yes to any of the above, take a look at MacAlly’s PowerLink for iPhone. It’s a small, easy to pack dongle that combines an emergency iPhone battery, a 2 GB flash drive, and a USB passthrough to connect the iPhone to a computer.

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