NewerTech Universal Drive Adapter – Review

NewerTech Universal Drive Adapter Company: NewerTech Price: $28.00 (USA) Model: U3NVSPATA Connects Mac / PC via USB to almost any bare hard drive There are

About Ian Scott-Parker

After training as a cartographic surveyor and then draughtsman, Ian worked in the haulage and manufacturing sectors before retraining to operate a short-run digital-color print studio. He spent the larger part of the last century of the previous millennium in the UK and the larger part of the present millennium in the USA, but claims to look younger than that makes him sound. Now retired, he lives as an Internet recluse with his wife Beth, whom he met through MyMac, and four unruly rescue dogs, Tika, Sammy, Gracie, and Truffie.

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OWC Express 2.5″ Portable USB 3.0 – Review

OWC Express 2.5″ Portable USB 3.0 (Black version OWCES2.5BU3B, Silver version OWCES2.5BU3S) Company: OWC Price: $27.99 Silver,$22.25 Black   With USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt

About Steve Hammond

Steve is a computer geek, and he has been for many years. He has studied computer science for 15 years, with a college degree in computer science, a backchelor degree in computer with a minor in mathematics, and a Master degree in computer science. In high school he was initiated to computer on an Apple II, then his parents bought him a Commodore 64, then a Mac Plus. But in computer science, DOS and Windows PC were used mostly, so he switched to the dark side for a while. In 2000 he began doing some photography, then discovered iPhoto which make him come back to the Macintosh in 2002. Since, he became a Mac geek again and he sure won't turn back to the PC.

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