Seagate Backup Plus

On July 19, 2012, in Hard Drive, Review, by Elisa Pacelli

Seagate Backup Plus External Hard Drive
Company: Seagate

Price: 500GB is $119.99; see web site for other sizes and prices. Prices vary among online retailers.
Requires: Mac OS X 10.6 or higher, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP SP3, USB 3.0 or 2.0 port

Seagate has long been a fixture in the world of internal and external hard drives. Recently, Seagate released a new type of drive—one that helps you share and save your digital media on social networks.

Seagate Backup Plus External Hard Drive is what you’d expect when thinking hard drive: it comes in various storage capacities and colors, and works with both Macs and Windows. The difference is the Backup Plus’ Dashboard, which users set up to upload pictures and videos to Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube, or download pictures from Facebook and Flickr.

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Take Control Of Backing Up Your Mac 
Author: Joe Kissel
Publisher: TidBITS Publishing Inc
ISBN-13: 9781615423941, 210 pages
Price: eBook US$15.00. Print US$28.99

Backup is a process that most of us would acknowledge as being an essential part of the computing experience. Why then do so many of us fail to backup?

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G-Drive Slim

On January 4, 2011, in Hard Drive, Review, by Elisa Pacelli

G-Drive Slim
Company: G-Technology by Hitachi
Price: $99.99 (a little less on Amazon)
Requires: Mac OS 10.5 or higher

Let’s be honest: the market is flooded with external hard drives at all capacities and prices. They’re all the same, right? Just pick one and you’re all set. Sorry, not that simple.

The main purpose of an external hard drive is to back up the data on your computer. Many of us have more than one backup on multiple external drives, therefore we need a drive that’s reliable. So, an important factor in choosing a drive is the reputation of the manufacturer.

Enter the G-Drive Slim by Hitachi.

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G-Drive Mobile USB 500GB External Hard Drive
Company: G-Technology

Price: $140

White MacBooks are great computers for low cost. They have almost everything their silver Pro siblings have, with the major exception of a FireWire port. All external devices must use USB with a white MacBook or MacBook Air.

USB external hard drives do not have the speed to match the rapid data transfer and copy rates of FireWire 800. G-Technology’s G-Drive Mobile USB, with its attractive all-white case and cable combination, was designed and created to optimize performance with MacBooks. (Reminder: this drive works perfectly well with every Mac!)

The first item on the external drive menu for all Macintosh owners is creating a Time Machine backup. Most people set it and forget it, which is fine. After you eject the USB bus-powered G-Drive Mobile from a Mac, you can tuck it and its cable into your gadget bag, pack, or purse, and reconnect it later at the same location or different destination. No AC electric connection is required.

Time Machine allows you to archive other files and folders on an external drive, that are unrelated to the automatic backup content. Most people use a USB flash drive for this purpose, but be aware the former is possible.

In a series of comparative speed tests, the 5400RPM G-Drive Mobile USB with its 8MB cache was the fastest external USB drive. If you are accustomed to moving large quantities of data via FireWire, you can expect roughly a 25 percent longer duration with this USB unit.

Other companies sell bus-powered USB external drives for lower prices than this product. You get what you pay for. G-Technology is a top-tier professional external drive manufacturer. Its FireWire, SATA, and RAID drives are standard equipment in the audio and film industries, and at Apple retail stores. Spend a little more and get a better disk, with a 3-year factory warranty.

No case is provided for mobility protection. That is our only criticism. MyMac awards G-Drive Mobile USB a MyMac Review Rating recommendation of 9 out of 10.

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