Flux In-Ear Pro Headphones
$130 U.S.

Flux In Ear Pro

If you are agreeable with in-ear headphone cables looped behind your ears, and if you require a delicious neutral audio response without obnoxious and overpowering bass, then save your nickels and dimes and put these new Flux In-Ear Pro Headphones at the top of your wish list. When they arrive, don’t look at them and try to figure out their quirky physical design. Insert them into your left and right ears, as marked, with cables over and behind, and enjoy the best sound for the money we have experienced.

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iP4 Portable Boombox with FM Radio
for iPhone and iPod with 30-pin Dock Connector
Available in Black, Blue, or Pink
Company: iHome Audio
Price: $200

User report review

Attention to detail. Retro-techno. Custom equalization. Fully portable. Fashion statement. Imaginative design. Conversation piece. Decent FM radio. Loud. Accurate midrange and treble. Rich bass tones. Suitable for all genres. Magnetized remote. iPhone/iPod security brace. Massive rubberized handle. Written manual.

The boombox is back. Are you happy with this news, or are you running for cover? Today’s iPhone/iPod boombox is very different from its predecessors. iHome Audio’s iP4 is fully digital, sonically accurate, and ready to rock or help you relax, as you prefer.

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CordCruncher Headphones

On August 27, 2012, in Earphones, Headphones, iTunes, Music, Review, by Asher Weisberger

CordCruncher Headphones
Price: $25 US 

When taking a first look at the CordCruncher headphones you can tell they have unique style about them right off the bat. The headphones are a very versatile and are easy to use. With the function of being able to wear the headphones as a bracelet or necklace, you are able to conveniently carry these headphones on the go.

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CL On Ear Headphones
Company: Harman Kardon
Price: $200

User Report Q & A using our The Answer Is Yes — Now WTQ (What’s the Question?) format:

Do they sound good? [ Yes ]

Are they comfortable for extended wearing? [ Yes ]

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BassJump 2
Review (and Conundrum)

On November 30, 2011, in Apps, Audio, Macintosh, Music, Review, Speakers, by John Nemerovski

BassJump 2 USB-Powered Sub Woofer Speaker

MacBook Pro, Air, and MacBook built-in speakers are lousy, especially on the low end of the audio spectrum, often called the bass range. TwelveSouth’s new BassJump 2 allows frustrated Mac laptop listeners to boost the bass range with simplicity.

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Dragon IP 100 Table Top Speaker System
S. E. M. Audio Laboratories 
Price: $251 US plus shipping

Available from company direct store via PayPal purchase

“It’s stylish, John, in a Museum of Modern Art way,” says Barbara, my wife. “I like the look of this new speaker you’re reviewing.” She is fussy, so that’s serious praise. “It doesn’t look like other speakers you review, because they aren’t very attractive. Why does it have that big silver front piece?” It’s brushed aluminum for a premium designer feel, according to the company.

Concerning the sound, “After you determined how to get the controls figured out, it sounds good,” she adds. “At first I was disappointed with the music playback, but once you turned up the volume and got your equalizers happy, I enjoy listening to your demo playlist both for primary and background music.”

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