Apple’s January 19th education event brings the iPad to the forefront as an educational tool to replace textbooks and classroom computers.  Apple is once again focusing on the K-12 education market, a market it dominated in the early 1980’s with the Apple II.  But is the iPad really the device Apple is focusing on here?  Or is there another device in Apple’s future that this event is paving the way for?  I think Apple needs a new device, I call the ePad.



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About Darrin Waggoner

Darrin is a long time Apple user, dating back to 1979 when his father purchased an Apple ][+ to help run his printing pre-press business. In 1984 the business purchased their first of many Macs, an original 128k model. Darrin has been a software developer for over 20 years and is currently a Software Development Manager at his day job. But he is still involved in the family business, Fleet Graphics in Dayton, Ohio (, which is now focused on wide-format and digital printing. He is also a registered iOS developer and has an app he created for Fleet Graphics published in the iTunes App Store.

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10.3 Reasons Why You Need to Buy Two eMacs. Today.

On September 30, 2004, in Opinion, by John Nemerovski

Gazing ahead, it’s all one-piece new iMacs, which are mostly unknown and untouched. Looking over your shoulder, a mountain of eMacs awaits your next purchase. How about a two-for-one deal? (Info on both is handy at

Let’s do the math. Basic eMacs cost $800 each. Add AppleCare service plans and shipping or tax and the price is a cool thousand bucks per computer. Throw in extra memory and your grand total for two shiny new eMacs cruises into the $2200 range. That’s a lot of money, but you’re getting a lot of computer(s).

What’s up, Nemo, you ask. Is that Arizona sun finally frying your bald head into incoherence? Perhaps, but let’s work through our “10.3 reasons” list.

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About John Nemerovski

John "Nemo" Nemerovski is MyMac's Reviews Editor. He is a private and small group personal technology tutor in Tucson, Arizona, USA, with an emphasis on iPad and iPhone training, plus basic computing, digital photography, and Photoshop. Nemo is an accomplished music instructor on keyboard and guitar, and an expert artisan bread baker. If you are interested in writing reviews or requesting a product review on MyMac, contact him: nemo [ a t ] mymac [ d o t ] c o m.

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