iHome FIT Sport Ear Buds – Review

On July 9, 2014, in Features, Review, by Vicki Stokes

iHome FIT Sport Ear Buds
Company: iHome
Price: $24.99


The iHome Fitness Innovation Technology, FIT, is a line of audio products for active use or while lounging on your sofa. The iB11 2-in-1 sport ear buds that I reviewed are on the lower end of the line which made me curious about the higher end ear buds.

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Flux In-Ear Pro Headphones
$130 U.S.

Flux In Ear Pro

If you are agreeable with in-ear headphone cables looped behind your ears, and if you require a delicious neutral audio response without obnoxious and overpowering bass, then save your nickels and dimes and put these new Flux In-Ear Pro Headphones at the top of your wish list. When they arrive, don’t look at them and try to figure out their quirky physical design. Insert them into your left and right ears, as marked, with cables over and behind, and enjoy the best sound for the money we have experienced.

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SnuggBuds SB-X Ear Buds – Review

On March 19, 2013, in Review, by Elisa Pacelli

SnuggBuds SB-X Ear Buds
Company: SnuggBuds
Price: $39.95
Works with: any device that accepts a 3.5mm audio jack


When I went to Macworld 2013 I didn’t have a shopping list. I didn’t need anything. Once I got there, I remembered that I could use a new pair of earbuds. I stopped at the SnuggBuds booth to find out if their product would suit my needs.

I was greeted by Marivic Schaefer, Vice President of Sales & Operations for SnuggBuds. I defy you to find anyone who believes in her product more than Marivic! After she explained how the different earbud models worked and let me listen for myself, I was still unsure about buying. “You’ll be back!” she told me confidently.

At the end of the day I went back.

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NE-600X Sound Isolating Earphones
Price: $24.95

The NE-600X earbuds provide good value for the price. Bass response is acceptable when listening to classical music, though not particularly noteworthy. On the other hand, I gave them to a 19-year-old who listened to hip-hop with them and thought the bass was terrific.

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Skullcandy 50/50 earbuds with microphone
Company: Skullcandy, Inc.

Price: $49.95

Skullcandy can make good earbuds, no doubt about that. We liked their older FMJ model.

But time marches on, and Skullcandy releases new products all the time. The Weeks Division of MyMac Labs spent time with the new 50/50 earbud/microphone combo.

How well do they do the job?

The 50/50 is very comfortable. Skullcandy ships it with several differently-sized rubber ear tips, so you’ll no doubt be able to find one that makes nice with your ear canal. I was able to wear them for hours at a time with no irritation or ear tiredness.

Skullcandy’s PR blurbs brag about the bass output, and the PR mavens don’t exaggerate. The 50/50s have no shortage of bass response, yet I did not find them overly bottom-end heavy. Given that most earbuds don’t have much bass punch, the 50/50s will satisfy most users looking for a fuller low end.

Unfortunately, the microphone audio quality doesn’t quite match up to the fine audio output of the earbuds. Most people on the other end of calls from my iPhone reported the audio quality to be "OK," nothing more but nothing less.

Skullcandy ships the 50/50s with a nice little round, zippered carrying case. Small is good for fitting into your pocket, but the cord is long enough that it’s a bit of a tight squeeze to jam the 50/50s into the case.

Speaking of the cord, there’s no lapel clip, so the generously long cord dangles to and fro, rubbing against your clothes. This causes the dreaded cable noise. Skullcandy needs to include a clip.

Conclusion. Skullcandy’s 50/50 are very comfortable, and have fine audio quality, but are hampered by a merely-average microphone, and no lapel clip.

MyMac review rating 6 out of 10

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Small speakers don’t get any cooler than Ice from i.Sound. They are tiny, with a surprisingly robust audio. Power them via USB from your computer, or with a clever AC adapter

iVoice Pro
Company: MacAlly

Price: $50

Company: MacAlly

Price: $40

TuneTalk Stereo
Company: Belkin

Price: $70

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Skullcandy FMJ iPhone earbuds/microphone
Skullcandy, Inc

Price: $79.95

Skullcandy; now there’s a naming success. Skullcandy’s a little company that markets a wide selection of headphones, earbuds, and accessories. I’ve never had any trouble remembering this firm’s name! Skullcandy’s target audience is the skater/hiphop crowd, but don’t let that (or their too-cool-for-school website design) drive you away, even if you lean more to the fuddy-duddy side of the spectrum.

Skullcandy sent the Weeks Division of MyMac Labs review sample of their iPhone FMJ earbuds/microphone. FMJ stand for “Full Metal Jacket.” I wonder if the marketing people have seen the 1987 Stanley Kubrick film titled with this expression.

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