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Nothing beats a Mac. Nothing. Right? I mean, sitting in front of your computer at work, effortlessly creating new things and being totally productive is a way of life for so many of us. We know our work and our creative abilities so well, partly because our computer has provided us with the means of bringing our dreams to reality. Perhaps as never before in the history of Man, has any generation has such power to change the world as our generation, because of machines and technology such as the Apple Macintosh.

About Roger Born

Teacher, Writer, General Troublemaker. Christian Minister since 1973. Aerospace commercial artist, 1975 - 1995. Fighting cancer since 1994. Graduate 1997 from HIU.EDU with MBA in business communication, and MA in early church history. Writer at MyMac since 1999. Tech writer until 2002. Lives in Silver Lakes CA. Married to Connie (HS English teacher), with four children and 5 grandchildren. Teaches on Internet forums and local classes. Website: Blog archives and latest novel "Confessions of a Time Traveler" at

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