Fired Up – TechFan Podcast #123

On June 22, 2013, in TechFan, by Tim Robertson

Tim gets fired up about the XBOX 180. David gets his hands on a Windows 8 tablet after a horror story about Dell. Tim picks up a new Pioneer car stereo, Downcast is discussed, new shows in the Stoplight Network, iOS 7 and hands on experience, and how Staples ripped off some friends of Tim’s and how he made it right.

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Three Geeky Ladies – Episode 7

On August 19, 2012, in Three Geeky Ladies, by Three Geeky Ladies

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The Ladies suggest various apps, web sites, and items to help students heading back to school or college.

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Under the Sea
TechFan Podcast #71

On March 30, 2012, in TechFan, by Tim Robertson

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David and Tim host an abbreviated TechFan this week due to technical difficulties and a storm moving in. Topics include Adobe advertising strategy, Dell departing from the cell phone business, the downward spiral of RIM, and Jeff Bezos finding the Apollo 11’s F-1 engine at the bottom of the ocean.

Bezos reports finding Apollo 11’s F-1 engines deep in the Atlantic
Adobe’s latest critical security update pushes scareware
Dell Ends Smartphone Sales in the US

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Can Anyone ELSE Make A Mac?
MyMac Podcast #369

On September 29, 2011, in Podcast, by The MyMac Podcast

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How do you feel about a Mac made by Gateway…or Sony…or Dell? Guy asks and Gaz shakes his weary head in disbelief. As a matter of fact pretty much EVERYONE asked or that had read the article at MyMac that Guy wrote has said the same. Oh, and by the time you read this or hear this pocast, it will almost be time for unspecified iPhone news! YAY for rumors that can’t be proven but have a logical consistency!

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Apple should (snicker) license to Dell?

On November 1, 2006, in Opinion, by Guy Serle

A report by Gartner has been floating around the web calling for Apple to leave the hardware business and let someone else, like sayDell, make their Macs for them. While this is a preposterous proposal, parts of is not so ridiculous.

First let’s get the madness out of way so we can concentrate later on the parts that actually make sense. In the report, Gartner states, “Apple should concentrate on what it does best – create software – and make use of Dell’s production and distribution infrastructure. Apple should leverage its close relationship with Intel and team up with Intel’s closest ally, Dell. We recognize that this move would surprise and even shock many. We are aware that Steve Jobs cancelled previous Mac licenses when he took over at Apple and that he guards the Apple brand zealously. Apple’s margins for its Mac business, currently around 40 per cent, are only sustainable because component makers such as Intel choose to prop up the business.

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How Do You Get a Macintosh User to Buy a Dell?

On May 5, 2005, in Opinion, by Owen Rubin

It is no surprise to readers of my rants that I own several PCs in addition to several Macintosh computers. I use to NEVER own a PC. And if Apple wants to ensure that I own even more PCs, it will continue to act as it has these past few weeks, basically like a spoiled, rotten child! And that is EXACTLY what Apple is doing these days. As I said before, Dell has THE BEST service warranty in the business (based on my experiences to date) and damn good hardware, and while XP will never be truly a Mac, they get closer every year, and I just need a few more reasons to drop Apple all together. And Apple is sure making it easier every week to hate them.

Lets face it, Unix on the desktop is both a good and bad idea, and while Apple did an amazing job of hiding it from the user behind OS-X, the old Macintosh Computer for beginners is no more. Apple is now MORE complex to use than a PC in many ways, has its share of problems, especially around installing and removing files, and is, I believe, a very short time away from being attacked by viruses on a large scale. Not to mention VERY complex for most users to solve problems caused by the Unix system. On the flip side, Windows XP has become even more user friendly, plug and play technology now works as well on a PC as it does on a Mac, and in some cases even better because more drivers are available for Windows. And the upcoming release of Longhorn will contain even more features bringing it closer and closer to the Mac. So owning a Mac is not the great ease of use advantage is use to be, and if you ever need to fix it, not as easy either. (Not to mention the ability to add all sorts of cool things to a PC!) And lets face it, there are still way many more programs for a PC, including some cool games, than Mac could ever hope for. So what keeps us coming back to Mac? Well, I would say the coolness of the computer and the company Apple are the key factors. Apple makes cool computers. But guess what, so does Sony!

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Apple Service is Missing Something – Service!

On January 18, 2005, in Opinion, by Owen Rubin

Dude, you got Dell! Yes, I have a Dell laptop, it was required by my work, and now I have one. And I have my great, but heavy PowerBook 17” from Apple too. Both have extended warranty plans on them. Apple’s cost more than the Dell’s, and my 17” PB cost more than the high end Dell laptop too. But then again, we always knew Apple was more expensive, this is no surprise.

When (not if) my Dell laptop breaks, I call Dell on the phone, tell them the problem, and they immediately send me either a replacement part I can install myself, or a complete computer replacement if the problem is critical. That is right, the UPS guy arrives with a new or refurbished laptop configured exactly like the one I own within two working days. With just a small screwdriver, I open a small panel on the bottom of the laptop, pop out the hard disks on both machines, swap them, and boot up the new machine. In a manner of minutes, I am back up and running as before. I plop the dead machine or part in the box they sent the new one in, place a pre-paid postage label on the box, and the UPS guy whisks it away the next day. In typically 3 to 5 days, I am back up and running and the problem is now Dell’s, and I am done. (If the HD breaks, they simply send a replacement, and I swap them the same way.) I believe this “Gold” service costs under $300 for 3 years.

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