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I now own a PC…

Yes, you heard me right. Your beloved My Mac writer has actually purchased a PC and has it set up in his home, allowing all varieties of “PCism” to invade the area. A copy of Windows 95 and Microsoft Office now lie in my room… beckoning to me in the night. But I do not answer their calls. Instead, I stay here at my faithful, if slightly jealous, Macintosh.

Alas, let me explain. This hunk of pure Windows was practically forced upon us. In order to “keep up with technology,” a member of my family was moved from the office to home. Since the office was Windows-based, they would have nothing to do with Macs. Fortunately, they were fine with the idea of Virtual PC, as long as it was fast and reliable. Unfortunately, our Mac cannot support Virtual PC. Therefore, buying a PC was inevitable. At least we got it for a good price.

Don’t get me wrong, though. For a PC, this is an exceptional unit. It’s a Dell 200Mhz MMX machine complete with groovin’ speakers, a 4GB hard drive, a 56K modem, 32MB RAM, a 4MB 3D video card, and a load of other princely goodies (Dell systems have always impressed me… maybe it’s the 500+ ads they have in “PC World” each month).

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