Macstock Conference and Midwest Mac BBQ 2015 Summary

Macstock 2015 and Midwest Mac BBQ – A Rookie’s Perspective A huge round of applause to Mike Potter, Barry Fulk, and the entire Macstock/BBQ crews for

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John is a writer and dog enthusiast from Chicago. He's also obsessed with all things Mac, with a focus on music and studio equipment. After earning his MFA in Writing for the Screen and Stage, John worked on the writing and production of Amazon TV's Golden Globe-winning series, Transparent. Now he teaches screenwriting to children at Facets in Chicago.

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MyMac Podcast 177
Dave Hamilton and Cool Mac Picks

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A big show this week, with Dave Hamilton of The Mac Observer and the Mac Geek Gab joining Tim, David, and Guy for a lively interview. Sam Levin joins us for a new Cool Mac Picks, while Nemo and David Weeks chat about the Macbook Air. Lee Givens also dials in for a chat about the AppleTV and other happenings around the Mac world. All that, plus a special report from Robert Hazelrigg fills us in after his meeting and demo of the new Adobe Photoshop Express site.

Links from the show:
The Mac Observer
Mac Geek Gab Podcast
Adobe Photoshop Express
i-Luv 1155 DVD and iPod player
Keyspan Presentation Remote Pro
Kensington Portable Power Pack
MCE Technologies QuickStream DV/HDV

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