Antec 4 Port USB Charging Station – Review

On August 9, 2013, in Review, by Elisa Pacelli

Antec 4 Port USB Charging Station
Company: Antec Mobile Products
Price: $29.99 on We Love Macs. Available soon on Amazon.


Many of us have multiple electronic devices that need daily charging: iPhone, iPad, Kindle, spare batteries, and the like. Who wants to have these devices charging in different areas of the house? The Antec 4 Port USB Charging Station solves this dilemma nicely.

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Sydnee Charging Station—Review

On April 30, 2013, in iPad, iPad 2, iPhone, Review, Stand, Tablet, by Curt Blanchard

Sydnee Charging Station
Manufacturer: Kanex
MSRP: $149.00 (Internet pricing: $126.00)
Sydnee Charging Station


Chargers for all of our various iDevices are a necessary evil. One is in the kitchen but it’s for the iPad, another is in the bedroom but it’s only for the iPhone. Then there’s a charger in the den but it’s already in use by another family member. Frustrating.

Kanex has a product to reduce your frustration level. Their oddly-named Sydnee is a robust charger that will handle up to four iDevices simultaneously. Find a location in your home for this charger and consider it a home base for all of your devices. It provides one place to charge everything—forget about all the individual chargers and instead, use this unit to charge everything.

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PlugBug World USB Charger – Review

On February 14, 2013, in Adapter, iPad, iPhone, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, Review, by David Cohen

PlugBug World Global MacBook Adapter and USB Charger
Company: Twelve South
Price: $44.99

USB chargers for your technology devices are ten a penny – many of us have plenty of them knocking around, as many devices come with one in the box. So how does Twelve South expect to deliver value (and drive sales) with yet another USB socket for the wall?

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Power2U AC/USB Wall Outlet
Manufacturer: Newer Technology
MSRP: $29.95 (Street price about $25)
Power2U Wall Outlet

Tired of having charging bricks blocking your power outlets? Most of us have a crowded spot in the kitchen or living room where we charge our iPhones and iPads. NewerTech has a solution, Power2U. This outlet replaces one of your power receptacles and provides two USB sockets in addition to the two standard USA 110V power outlets.

The power supplied by the USB outlets is technically 5.2V DC, 2000mA (10W). This is equivalent to the output of an Apple iPad power adapter so that the Power2U will charge iPads, iPods, or iPhones. To save power, the USB outlets are only powered when their covers are open and a cable is plugged in.

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Just Mobile Highway

On April 29, 2012, in Review, by Vicki Stokes

Just Mobile Highway
Company: Just Mobile
Price: $34.99

Just Mobile Highway is a car charger for iPhone, iPad and other USB-powered devices. The Highway plugs into the cigarette lighter, delivering 2.1A output to rapidly charge your mobile devices and a fuse to protect from power surges.

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Dexim Visual Green Charger Review

On August 16, 2011, in Adapter, Apple, iPad, iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch, Review, by Mike Breed

Dexim Visible Green Charger
Company: Dexim
Price: $34.90 USD

Charging cables are the most heavily used pieces of equipment that users of iOS devices take completely for granted. How exciting can chargers be, right? Dexim may change that perception with their new Visible Green Charging Cable — a system that is not only cool to use, but is also environmentally friendly.

The Dexim Visible Green Charger is designed to eliminate the “vampire” power draw that accounts for close to 10% of the energy consumption in the U.S. This is electricity that is being drawn from the grid by devices that are simply plugged in but are not being used. Maybe it’s a game console that’s turned off or a battery charging cable that’s simply plugged into a fully-charged device. Either way, there is a needless usage of electricity that not only adds to your monthly electrical bill, but also harms the environment with the extra power that’s forced to be generated.

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PowerLift Back-up Battery and Dock
For iPad and iPhone

On a recent trip to France I decided to ditch my digital SLR’s and do the unthinkable. I brought only my iPhone and a point and shoot camera instead of my heavy digital SLR’s. I was worried about the battery life of my phone as I didn’t want to be running to the hotel frequently to charge it up using the European adaptor. Instead, I brought the nifty PowerLift Back-up Battery, Dock and Stand by Kensington. It turned out to be a very wise decision. The item contains a lithium-ion polymer battery and has 4.0 Wh (watt hours). Kensington offers a two year limited warranty on the charger.

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Griffin PowerBlock Plus

On January 25, 2011, in Review, by David Weeks

PowerBlock Plus
Company: Griffin Technologies

Price: $34.95

Wall wart chargers are a bane of gadget-lovers existence. It always seems that when you’ve plugged in your gadget’s particular charger, you just used up the last free wall socket. Even more frustrating is when the charger is bulky enough to cover up one or possibly two sockets on your power strip!

Griffin Technologies’ PowerBlock Plus is one answer to this problem.

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