Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Review

On July 21, 2014, in Review, Speakers, Wireless, by Curt Blanchard

Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Manufacturer: Inateck
Amazon (US) price: $16.99
Portable Speaker

The little speaker that could. Here’s an impressively small speaker for impressively little money. It doesn’t deliver audiophile quality sound, but for a little speaker, it does what you’d expect for about half the price of its nearest competitors.

SpeakerHand 2

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Musemini DBoom Speaker – Review

On September 9, 2013, in Audio, Battery, Bluetooth, Music, Review, Speakers, by Curt Blanchard

Musemini DBoom speaker
Manufacturer: Musemini
MSRP: $129.99
Musemini DBoom

Wireless Bluetooth speakers have proliferated to the point where they have become an entire category unto themselves. There are literally hundreds of styles available currently. They vary widely in price and quality. Let’s look at one that sounds terrific and is priced accordingly—Musemini’s new DBoom.


At seven inches wide, the DBoom is midway between a pocketable and a tabletop size speaker. The room-filling sound quality, however, is much bigger than either. The larger physical size allows Musemini to include a pair of high quality drivers and passive sub-woofers that really put the boom in DBoom. The unit has a huge dynamic range with six watts of stereo power from two upward-firing speakers. Volume levels can reach an astonishing, distortion-free 95db. The upper and lower ends of the sound spectrum stay evenly balanced from soft volume levels all the way up to seriously loud ones.

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foxLv2 Platinum Bluetooth Speaker
Manufacturer: Soundmatters
MSRP: $279.00 (Internet price: $229.00)

“Big sound from a small Bluetooth speaker!” It’s a claim made by countless manufacturers. Most of their products fail to live up to their claim while others try hard, but the results are usually disappointing. Soundmatters has beat them all with the foxLv2 Platinum Bluetooth Speaker.


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Veho 360 Bluetooth Speaker
Manufacturer: MobileFun
Price: $79.00 (Street $38.00)
Veho 360 Bluetooth Speaker

Wireless Bluetooth speakers are plentiful these days. Big ones, small ones, good ones, awful ones; choosing one is difficult because you can’t often test-drive them in the store. The key features are similar: connection via cable or wirelessly via Bluetooth. The Veho 360 Bluetooth Speaker offers a feature that most of the others don’t have—music via an SD card.


The Veho 360 Bluetooth Speaker is self-powered with a rechargeable battery and will play for two hours via Bluetooth, four hours via SD card and five hours via direct cable (included). The clever bit is loading a MicroSD card with music from your computer and inserting it into a slot in the speaker’s base. The unit then becomes a tiny self-contained, self-powered music player. No wires, no external devices required.

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