The future, what do you mean? How can we be in the future?

For decades many of us have been in awe of the possibility of the future. Not that long ago the thought of carrying a single panel computer capable of presenting music, film, books, and games was nothing more than science fiction.

I live by the belief that if man can envisage it, people can create it.

Of course, there is the possibility of going too far, as is famously shown in Planet Of The Apes, circa 1968.

For now we can sit back and relax with a small and hopefully harmless portion of technology that seemingly has the effect of enhancing our lives.

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About Mark Greentree

Mark Greentree is the principle blogger and podcast creator of His aim is to inform users at all levels of experience how to get the most out of the Apple hardware and associated software. He is also the lead host on Not Another Mac Podcast, an Apple based round table discussion with Mac users and experts from all over world.

Enough Beta
TechFan #28

On April 22, 2011, in Podcast, TechFan, by Tim Robertson

Download and listen here, and get ALL the MyMac Podcasting Network show here in iTunes. FREE!

Tim and David have a few too many laughs this week. Portal 2 is out on the Mac, but why can’t Tim play it? Listener feedback, Beta Hardware, more on the Flip, Linux, and PSN round out the show. And Tim uses more adult language than usual.

Leave audio feedback (a phone call) at 1-801-938-5559

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About Tim Robertson

Founder Podcast Host of TechFan. Owner Stoplight Network. Father of four, husband to one. Loves reading, podcasting, music, video games, the 1980s, and all things electronic and Apple.

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My Turn
My Mac #19, Nov. ’96

On November 4, 1996, in My Turn by Tim Robertson, Opinion, by Tim Robertson

Where is the trash can on your desktop? I bet it’s in the lower right hand corner of your screen. Why is that? I mean, it’s not like it has to be there! It can be moved to any spot on your desktop. You can put an alias of it in any folder you want. But for the most part, it is usually left way down at the bottom of your screen. I have a theory. Your Hard Drive icon is like a front door. Now, a Trash can is a smelly, stinky thing, and most people keep their Trash can in the back of the house. So now that you have a Macintosh computer, and you have a Trash can for throwing stuff away, you keep it as far away from your front door as you can. Thus, the bottom of your screen. But when you open a window, it is opened at the top of your screen. Would it not make more sense to put your Trash can next to your Hard Drive icon, so you won’t have to drag your garbage so far? Makes sense to me.

Still bugs me that there is no on/off switch on my Zip drive. So, I have plugged it into an extension cord, which is plugged into my Power Center (a do-hicky under my monitor that lets me selectively turn on/off anything plugged into it.) Now, rather than leaving my Zip drive on all the time, or plugging/unplugging it as I need it, I simply hit my “Aux1” button on the Power Center, and it’s on! Of course, I then use HDT Prober™ to mount it on my desktop, because any SCSI device will only mount if it is turned on either when the Mac is started up, or before. So here is a free suggestion to Iomega. Make a on/off switch. My way works, but I should not have to go through such a process to use my Zip drive.

>>>>>>>>>>>Beta software is evil. Really.<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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beta Car Part 1

On November 4, 1996, in Opinion, by Tim Robertson

If you have ever been car shopping, you know how much fun it can be, with the exception of the car salesman. No, not all car salesmen are bad. Some are, in fact, quite good. But I pretty much had my mind made up on what I wanted before I visited the dealership. To my surprise, this event would change my outlook on many things.

I strode onto the car lot full of determination. “Howdy!” the salesman, Randy, said in greeting. I nodded my hello, and pointed to the shiny black car in front of me.

“I want one of those.” I said. Randy stopped short, looked at the car, and sighed.

“Yeah, that’s a pretty good car. Last year’s model, though. You know the new ones are coming soon, right?” He asked, stepping closer to me with a knowing look. Great, I thought, just what I need! A car salesman giving me a hard sell.

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