Take Control of CrashPlan
Book Review

On October 29, 2012, in Book Review, Macintosh, Review, by Elisa Pacelli

Take Control of CrashPlan
Author: Joe Kissell
Publisher: TidBITS Publishing, Inc
Price: $15.00
138 pages, ebook-PDF format
ISBN: 9781615424047

You’ve heard it before: backup, backup, backup. You’ve also heard how you should back up to a bootable clone, using software like Super Duper or Carbon Copy Cloner, and have another backup from which you can retrieve individual files, like Time Machine. Finally, you should also have your files backed up off site.

I recently purchased a one year subscription to CrashPlan for my off site backup. I immediately told the software to upload my entire hard drive. Twelve days later it finished. Oh how I wish I had read Take Control of CrashPlan before I clicked the upload button.

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About Elisa Pacelli

Elisa is a wife, mother to 3 boys, "creative genius", and all-around techno geek. She enjoys reading, quilting, knitting, cruising to Caribbean beaches, and learning new things in the technology world. In the evenings Elisa can be found knitting while listening to podcasts or watching Netflix on her iPad. Listen to her podcast, 3 Geeky Ladies, co hosted with Suzé Gilbert and Vicki Stokes.

Take Control of Easy Backups in Leopard – ebook Review

On February 13, 2008, in Book Review, by Russ Walkowich

Take Control of Easy Backups in Leopard
Company: TidBits TakeControl Ebooks

Price: $10.00
83 pages

Joe Kissell is at it again; this time with an ebook entitled “Take Control of Easy Backups in Leopard” designed to make the practice of backing up your Mac an easy-to-do experience. The three most important points that I see that he brings to the table are:
• Use Time Machine or another backup program to store archives
of your files
• Create a bootable duplicate of your startup volume and update it
• Keep at least one backup copy of your important data
somewhere safely away from your computer.

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About Russ Walkowich

Russ Walkowich is the longest contributing member of MyMac, starting back in 1995. He has served as writer, author, editor, and spiritual guide to a tribe of MyMac Founders in all that time.

Tech Tips
My Mac Magazine #22, Feb. ’97

On February 1, 1997, in Tech Tips, by Abraham Amchin

Welcome to 1997! As My Mac now has technical writers for the lesser experienced crowd, this column will start to focus on the technical support level closer to what I deal with every day. This month’s column is about backups – something I had to personally deal with on my 7500 at home.

To start with, do you back up your data? I’ll bet most of you will answer no. If you did answer no, do you have any idea how much data recovery costs? I do, as I do it commercially (and it isn’t cheap). What would you do if you lost your documents? Never thought of it that way? Hmmm… I know what you mean (I deal with clients everyday that have never thought of those questions).

At work, I run Retrospect® from Dantz every night that backs up everyone on my network, including the servers, to a DAT drive. I change tapes frequently and have a schedule that keeps everything current. Does it work? Absolutely! I’ve had hard drives completely fail that I couldn’t recover data from, but the backup still had everything on it. There has also been the occasion that a user has deleted the “Oh, so darn important” file, again. I just pull it off the tape.

At home is a different story. I keep over 5 gig of data on line. Do I backup? Heck no! I’m the tech after all, why should I back up? Well, New Year’s day, my primary internal drive failed. After spending 8 hours recovering, I was able to get everything back, except for a few files, which I only lost a couple hours of work on. The loss of data wasn’t the issue, spending my time on it was. Do I backup now? Well, sort of…. I back up the critical files to my Zip drive, the rest I just watch closely. There is a new DAT drive ordered from APS however, so I will keep everything precisely archived in the future.

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