Backing Up Your Mac – Book Review

On June 30, 2015, in Book Review, Review, by Elisa Pacelli

Backing Up Your Mac
Author: Joe Kissell

Publisher: Joe On Tech
Price: $9.99 Ebook, $14.99 paperback
202 pages


You’ve heard it time and time again: backup, backup, backup. Updating software? Backup first. Installing a new hard drive? Backup first. Sounds simply enough, but how many of us are really doing it, or if we are backing up, how many of us are doing it correctly? Never fear, Joe Kissell is here to help us with his latest book, Backing Up Your Mac.

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Shirt Pocket SuperDuper! – Review

On January 13, 2015, in Review, by Vicki Stokes

Company: Shirt Pocket
Price: $27.95


Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 9.09.30 PM
Super Duper!
is the highly acclaimed program that allows you to easily create bootable backups. The straight forward user interface makes it easy for novice to professional to automatically create a cloned backup of your computer.

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Seagate Central – Review

On May 15, 2014, in Hard Drive, NAS, Review, by Curt Blanchard

Seagate Central
Manufacturer: Seagate
Capacity: 2TB
MSRP: $149.95 (Internet price $128.00)
Seagate Central with 2TB capacity

Are you worried about your documents, precious photos, music library, and data stored in The Cloud? Ever thought about how secure your personal information is when it is all sitting in a data center somewhere? Instead of trusting your stuff to someone else’s cloud, how about putting it in your own cloud?


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Nemo’s 2012 Holiday MyMac Gift Guide for Techies

Backup and archive. Daily. No exceptions.

If you are reading this and you are not fully backed up using Time Machine and Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper, stop immediately and order a new external multi-interface bus-powered backup drive or two. Keep one drive handy for daily updates, and the other offsite for safety and security. Email the G-Men on the MyMac Podcast if you need advice on how to use Time Machine and the other two backup applications.

I have been using and testing OWC’s Mercury On-The-Go Pro Triple Interface acrylic-encased FireWire 800/400 + USB 3 SSD and HDD solutions for several months, and I recommend them highly. They are versatile, sturdy, affordable, efficient, fast, and have the best guarantee in the business. Obtain an OWC unit with more storage than you think you need, because soon you will be glad you have the extra capacity. Get an SSD if max speed is your top priority, or choose an HDD if cost and max GB are paramount.

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LaCie Slim SSD P’9223 Drive Review

On November 12, 2012, in Hard Drive, Macintosh, by Curt Blanchard

LaCie Slim SSD P’9223 Drive
Capacity: 120GB
Manufacturer: LaCie
MSRP: $149.00
Slim SSD P’9223 Drive

Sleek, speedy and gorgeous. No, not a gazelle—it’s the P’9223 Slim SSD external hard drive from LaCie. The Porsche Design enclosure measures a tidy 5″ by 3″ and is only 7/16″ thin; thinner than a MacBook Air. The case is solid aluminum and feels satisfyingly substantial. Apart from a razor thin slit for the indicator light and a USB port, the case is sleekly clean.

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OWC On-The-Go Pro 240GB SSD Triple Interface External Drive
Price: $295

OWC On-The-Go Pro 500GB Triple Interface External Drive
Price: $138

Seagate Backup Plus Portable External 1TB Drive for Mac
Price: $130

Adapters are available, sold separately, to convert this drive to FireWire 800 and/or Thunderbolt


LaCie Rugged Key 16GB
Price: $40 for 16GB, or $70 for 32GB

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Take Control Of Backing Up Your Mac 
Author: Joe Kissel
Publisher: TidBITS Publishing Inc
ISBN-13: 9781615423941, 210 pages
Price: eBook US$15.00. Print US$28.99

Backup is a process that most of us would acknowledge as being an essential part of the computing experience. Why then do so many of us fail to backup?

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Dolly Drive Service

On October 13, 2011, in Mac OS X, Review, by Mark Greentree

Dolly Drive
Available For Mac OS X Snow Leopard & OS X Lion
OS X Lion Version Reviewed: 1.3
Licence: From US$6.25 per month

Remember the world’s first cloned sheep, Dolly?

Dolly is back in the form of Dolly Drive, an online backup service and cloning tool for users of Apple’s Time Machine.

Dolly Drive takes the inbuilt Time Machine application and expands its possibilities. The service will allow you to store your Time Machine content in the cloud from any location in the world. The online storage ability is a welcome addition to Time Machine. You are also able to create a bootable cloned drive using the Dolly Drive application. 

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Touro Mobile Pro USB External 7200 rpm Hard Drive
$80 US for 500 GB or $92 US for 750 GB


GoFlex Turbo USB External 7200 rpm Hard Drive
$120 US for 500GB or $140 for 700GB
Shop online to obtain best prices for these new products.

Four important points before we begin:

1. These hard drives connect to your Macintosh via USB, not FireWire. USB is slower than FireWire, with equal reliability. USB version 3 is the new standard. Macs don’t have USB 3. Macs have USB 2. These drives are USB 2 compatible

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CrashPlan Service

On September 5, 2011, in Apps, Features, Review, by Mark Greentree

Available For Mac, Windows, Linux, and Solaris
Mac Desktop Version Reviewed: 3.0.3
Licence Reviewed: US$49.99 – CrashPlan+ Unlimited 1 Year Subscription

Think of CrashPlan as insurance. You may not need it today. You hope you will never need it. You will be glad you have it, when you need it.

Besides death and taxes the other assurance in life is one day your hard drive will fail. That also includes the newest hard drive technology: SSD (Solid State Drive). Your computer may be stolen, and you may be a victim of a home fire or natural disaster. Don’t let your precious files, family photographs, and videos become victims also.

CrashPlan is one of the most complete backup packages I have come across. The most amazing part is you get full control over every aspect of your data. The online storage and corresponding application work seamlessly delivering a level of simplicity rarely seen in such a powerful service.

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GoFlex Slim Performance USB Drive

On June 30, 2011, in Hard Drive, Macintosh, Review, by John Nemerovski

GoFlex Slim Performance USB Drive
$100 for 320GB

It’s not the least expensive or the highest capacity external hard drive, but it is the slimmest, and it does have good performance on both Mac and Windows computers. You need to reformat GoFlex Slim using an idiosyncratic NTFS method specified by Seagate to achieve optimum Mac/PC compatibility. MyMac recommends you do this immediately after purchase.

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The Guardian MAXimus mini

On June 7, 2011, in Hard Drive, RAID, Review, by Rich Lefko

Guardian MAXimus mini
Company: newertechnology
Price as tested: $229.99
NewerTech – Other World Computing

Are you backing up? Do you have enough storage for your laptop, or your Macintosh computer? How about portable storage? Can you move your storage around if you need to?

I have a solution for all of these and it it is called the NewerTech Guardian MAXimus mini (Abbriviated here as GMM) from NewerTechnology.

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Get Backup 2.2.5 – Review

On October 27, 2009, in Macintosh, Review, by Steve Hammond

Get backup 2.2.5

Company: Belight software
Price: $39,95 MSRP, with online discounts available

As its name imply, Get Backup is a backup program. But it also serves a dual role as a sync application. Basically, the interface is devised in two for those two purposes. There is an icon at the top right that looks like a two way arrow that can be used to go from one mode to the other. The window then “waves” throughout a 3D animation to reveal the second mode. Each options can also be reached via the application menu bar in the “Backup” menu or the “Synchronize” one. I will examine each one separately as they are very unalike in terms of options and usage.

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Review – Carbon Copy Cloner & SuperDuper

On February 18, 2008, in Macintosh, Review, by Gil Poulsen

Carbon Copy Cloner
Company: Bombich Software

Price: Free (donations suggested); always free to educational institutions

Company: Shirt Pocket Software

Price: $27.95 for all features; free trial mode allows basic backup

We’ve all been admonished time and time again about the importance of backing up our data. Problem is, even if you do finally seize the initiative to finally begin a regular backup regimen, there’s a bewildering array of backup solutions out there, making it difficult to choose the one that’s best for you. For the severely cash-strapped among us, the choices become a bit simpler; you’ll be pleased to know there are at least two options from which you can choose that are not only extremely affordable, but can be relied upon to save your bacon when disaster strikes.

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Backup Automator Action

On August 23, 2007, in How-To, by Bakari Chavanu

Say you’re working on a long-term project in which you’re creating and saving a number of different files over time, and you want to make sure you have those files copied to a back up source after you’ve saved them to a specified folder. Well, if you don’t already have a backup system in place to do this, you can create backup folder in less than ten minutes by following the steps below. This workflow will instantly backup items you save or put into a specified folder.

1. Open up Automator (in your Applications folder.) A new action workflow window will open up.

2. Click on the Finder actions located in the Applications folder (left column) of Automator. Next, click on the Copy Finder Items action in the middle column.

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Personal Backup X

On February 10, 2003, in Macintosh, Review, by Russ Walkowich

Personal Backup X
OS X Compatible

Company: Intego
Price: $59.95

I have been using Personal Backup since version 1.2.1 back in 1998 when it was under the auspices of another software company with OS 8.6, 9 and 9.1. When they transferred Personal Backup over to Intego, I looked forward to using the version that was being developed for OS X.

When I finally upgraded to OS X, it was about the same time that Intego finally released Personal Backup for OS X. So when I arranged to review Backup, I was familiar with it and its operation. When I set up Personal Backup (v10.0.2), I was impressed with the look that Intego had given it for OS X and the drag and drop capability that was now in the program.

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