Fotomagico 4.6 – Review

On July 1, 2015, in iMovie, iPhoto, iTunes, Photography, Review, by Steve Hammond

Fotomagico 4
Price: $99.99
Company: Boinx Software

Photographers like to show their work to people around them, and on the Internet. There are multiple ways of doing it, such as a web sites, image sharing, or social sites (Flickr, Google+, Facebook), but nothing comes close to a good slideshow. Read on to see how Fotomagico 4.6 can help you create good looking presentations.


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Capture One Pro 8 – Review, Part II

On June 29, 2015, in Photography, Review, by Mark Sealey

Capture One Pro 8 logo


Capture One Pro 8: $299 (or $15 per month subscription)

Phase One USA

Last time, Phase One’s Capture One Pro 8 (version 8.3) was introduced as an alternative to Apple’s outgoing Digital Asset Management (DAM) and photo editing software, Aperture. Capture One Pro 8’s functionality was described and some equivalents with Apple’s effectively discontinued and potentially defunct software touched upon.

Now – to conclude – the actual process of transitioning from Aperture to Capture One Pro is considered; photo adjustments in Capture One Pro are described; and an overall evaluation of the product is offered.

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Capture One Pro 8 – Review, Part I

On June 26, 2015, in Photography, Review, by Mark Sealey

Phase One

Capture One Pro 8: $299 (or $15 per month subscription)

Phase One USA 

Apple’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) and photo editing software, Aperture, was released in 2005 priced $499. Three years later, Aperture 2 came out at $199; and in 2010 Aperture 3 appeared with the price reduced yet again – to $79. Last year (2014) Apple announced that Aperture 3 would be the last version; and that the company would no longer be updating the product. Apple’s support for Aperture will also eventually end. A final maintenance release (3.6) appeared in October 2014 for compatibility with Yosemite (10.10), the last OS with which Aperture is guaranteed to work. Users are on borrowed time, which is a pity because Aperture is an excellent product and has a mature and dedicated support structure.

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Intensify Pro – Review

On April 25, 2014, in Features, iPhoto, Macintosh, Photography, Review, by Sam Negri

Intensify Pro
Macphun Software
Price: $60.00

Intensify logo

Intensify Pro is a photo editing application for Macs with a seemingly magical ability to make pictures pop with vibrant colors and razor sharp focus. While it has some shortcomings, it is still an amazing application that you can use as a standalone or as a plug-in for Aperture, Lightroom, and Photoshop.

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MyMac Podcast #472: iPhoto Vs Aperture or A N Other

On September 3, 2013, in Podcast, by The MyMac Podcast

Guy is in Florida and Gaz is joined by Bart Busschots, the normal items remain with lots of G+ chat and a few MyMac articles discussed. There’s a middle section where we have a chat about moving from iPhoto to Aperture or maybe another programme. Now will Guy be back next week who’s knows maybe he’ll come back with a tan and pictures of him standing on a board.

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Guy’s Pick: No pick as he’s away.
Gaz’s PickiTunes Festival especially the App on the Apple TV
Bart’s PickOmni Graffle – need to create diagrams?
People’s Pick: From Clive Hammett (TruckTrekker) DeskConnect

PhotoPresenter 4
App Developer: Boinx Software Ltd
Version Reviewed: 4.1.6
License: US$9.99 – Requires Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later

If you like showing off your photo collection to family and friends but want something more entertaining than the traditional slideshow then PhotoPresenter may be for you.

PhotoPresenter takes the idea of a slideshow collation of photographs and changes the way it is conceived, developed, and presented.

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It’s Not Happening Yet

On December 16, 2011, in Opinion, by Scott Willsey

The death of Steve Jobs did more than rob the tech industry of a visionary. It also robbed some people of confidence in Apple as a company.

It’s fair to wonder if Apple can remain the same company long term. The most important thing Steve Jobs really gave to Apple (and the tech industry and our culture), in my opinion, was the ability to look beyond the status quo and start pushing computers and portable technology into the future. Yes, he was finicky about product refinement and details, but I think there are plenty of other people at Apple who can do beautiful design and obsess over those details. What’s not clear is whether any of them could have envisioned the iPad, or stopped in their tracks to go make the iPhone, or to have known what projects to say no to along the way.

Yesterday I read a blog post written by a friend of mine that detailed a number of problems he’s had with Apple products lately. The list was lengthy and included issues with the iPhone 4S, OS X 10.7, Apple TV, and iCloud. I’m not going to address them here, save to say that he’s seeing some things that I’ve never seen (apps crashing on iPhone and OS X 10.7, iPhone freezing, Apple TV not wanting to work with AirPlay). Nevertheless, I will admit I’ve had enough of my own issues with OS X 10.7, iTunes on the Mac, and iTunes Match to agree that not everything is perfect in Apple land in December 2011.

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Portraiture Plug-in Version 2.3 for Apple Aperture
Company: Imagenomic
Price: $199.95

Almost every picture of people you see in magazines or on the web has been retouched. If you are a portrait photographer, you may be tempted to retouch your photo so that the people look at their best. You can use software such as Photoshop or Aperture, with a brush and a few masks, to enhance the portrait. But that is a tedious and long task. A plug-in like Portraiture may come in handy to help you with the major portrait retouch. We have tested for you the Aperture version of the plug-in.

Portraiture is a plug-in that will retouch the face of your subject on a global scale. If what you want to do is to remove a few stains or wrinkles, you better do them in Aperture with the Retouch tool before you launch Portraiture. It is also preferable to do the general picture enhancement within Aperture, such as white balance or color correction, before you go to Portraiture. Then, when you’re ready to enhance your subject’s face, you can launch the plug-in by going to Photos/Edit with Plug-in/Portraiture Plug-In. Aperture will automatically create a new version of your file, and preserve your master as it is.

The huge dialog box will open with your picture in the center of it. On the left, you have all the adjustment sliders and presets, and on the right the Navigator and Mask Preview. On top of the picture frame, you can choose to see only the preview, or the before and after view. I personally prefer the latter with the pictures side by side. There is a zoom slider at the bottom of the window to let you zoom in. You can use the Navigator or the hand tool on the picture to change your view.

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Mac the Shutterbug

On May 16, 2010, in Opinion, by Scott Willsey

Digital photography has revolutionized the photography industry. I remember when, for most people, learning about photography primarily centered on learning the craft up to the point of removing the film from the camera and sending it in to get it processed. Sure, I dabbled in black and white film developing and photo printing in the early 80’s, but anything other than black and white print film was beyond my capacity to deal with myself. Now, thanks to digital cameras, computers, and specialized software, photographers have a whole other facet of photography to enjoy learning and mastering.

Using a Mac really makes the computing side of photography a treat. It’s no secret to Mac owners that OS X is far more conducive to getting things done as opposed to playing high priest to keep the computer running, as is often the case with Windows machines. That’s not fanboy hyperbole — I spent years primarily using Windows machines, and it really hit me not long after returning to the Mac that I was spending a lot less time maintaining the machine and much more time just using it.

One of the other reasons that Macs are a great choice for photographers is software choice. Like the new Photoshop CS5? It runs natively in 64-bit on the Mac. Like Adobe Lightroom? It’s there too. But while those programs are also available for Windows users, Mac owners have the option of using Apple’s superb Aperture photo editing and management software. Aperture 3 was released early this year and is a huge upgrade in terms of image editing flexibility and capabilities. For more casual photographers, iPhoto is great for basic editing, photo library management, and photo sharing, and it comes with every Mac.

If you like to put photos on flickr, there are also a ton of great third party applications for the Mac that make managing your photos and viewing photos from your contacts and groups easy. Two of my favorites are Flickery and Viewfinder.

There are also great photo sharing options for Mac owners. MobileMe provides photo album functionality that works well for basic photo sharing, and there are great applications like MemoryMiner that make organizing photos and creating and sharing meaningful photo slideshows on the web both fun and easy. Apple’s Aperture 3 also includes the ability to create beautiful slideshows.

Mainly, from a photographer’s standpoint, the focus should be on effectively managing and digitally processing photos. The Mac is good about getting out of the way and letting that happen.

MyMac Podcast #124
Bakari and Ted Padova

On April 9, 2007, in Podcast, by The MyMac Podcast

Listen above, or direct link to the show
Bakari joins the show this week to chat with Guy, Tim, and Chad about Apple’s Aperture and Adobe’s LightRoom. DRM-Free iTunes music is also a big topic. Nemo interviews author Ted Padova on his new Adobe Acrobat 8 PDF Bible. And finally, Robert looks at three products, including LX Triple Display Lift Stand, the QuickCam Ultra Vision, and the IChatUSBCam

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Three Aperture Books Reviewed

On January 2, 2007, in Book Review, by Bakari Chavanu

Aperture 1.5: Professional Manage Digital Photographs
by Orlando Luna and Ben Long

Peachpit Books
ISBN 0-321-49662-0
543 pages
$49.99 US, $61.99 CN £35.99 UK

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From iPhoto to Aperture

On December 5, 2006, in How-To, Opinion, by Bakari Chavanu

I’ve been an avid fan of iPhoto since it was first introduced about five years ago. Of course the revolution in digital photography inspired me to take videography and photography to a professional level, but having an effective way to organize and edit my photos was equally inspiring.

Now that I’m working as a wedding and event photographer, I’m shooting hundreds of pictures on each job and am having to meet the challenge of uploading, managing, and outputting photos for my clients. The process hasn’t been easy. I’ve been looking at management systems like Adobe’s Bridge and Lightroom programs, and even iView Media Pro, but with the latest update of Apple’s Aperture, I think I may have found solutions to my larger and more complex digital photo management and processing problems. And believe me, when you’re processing hundreds of photos for a waiting client, digital management is a problem that is not easily solved with iPhoto or even Adobe Bridge.

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LightRoom / Aperture

On January 11, 2006, in Macworld Expo, by David K Every

I had an interview with Kevin Conner, Director of Product Management at Adobe. Do to timing windows, I had 15 minutes. Being the tactful guy that I am, I ask, “So everyone in the world is going to ask this, but I want your canned answer. Why did you make LightRoom directly against Aperture, and how do you think it is better than Apple’s Aperture?”

The guy looked like I had just passed gas in an elevator, loudly. I’m thinking “What, I don’t have a lot of time, and this is of course the most significant question on buyers minds”.

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