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On February 28, 2008, in Podcast, by The MyMac Podcast

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Last week, we interviewed Lee Givens from America Online. He was so much fun to talk to, Lee returns as a co-host this week with Tim, Owen, and David to chat about older Macs, AppleTV, headphones, iTunes passing Best Buy in music sales, the future of broadband, and much more. John Nemo returns with Part Two of his AppleCare Switcher interview. A good resolution? Listen to find out.

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Welcome to the first annual “Macintosh Babble Special Mac Stuff Awards”, the awards that are given out to certain Mac creations that stick out in special ways… and some that don’t. Anyway, you get the picture. Now, if you will be seated, I would like to start…

How do you win an award? Well, it’s almost impossible to get a “Macintosh Babble Special Mac Stuff” award. The process is excruciating and time-consuming. First, you have to pass our in-depth checklist of “Mac-like Coolness”, which few survive. Here’s an exclusive glance at our recently declassified and very intricate checklist for choosing who gets an award:

  • Does it have anything to do with Macs?
  • Is it neat?
  • Can it be rated under the category of “Golly, that’s swell”?
  • Can it be eaten with cheese?
  • Would it likely make Rosie O’Donnell smile?
  • Does it contain two words put together without a space in between?
  • Can you balance it on your nose with ease?
  • If none of the above, do you still want to give it an award?

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    This month: Thoughts on America Online • Adventures In Updating to System 7.5.3

    Hey, everyone. Hope everybody out there is enjoying the summer as much as I am. For some reason, though, I am still typing away at my Mac, despite the wonderful weather outside. That’s not to say I’m not enjoying the great outdoors; being a Little League coach and delivering newspapers every day give me plenty of opportunities to do that. Regardless, this month I finally deliver my not-so-favorable thoughts on America Online, as well as deliver an anecdote about bringing my computer up-to-date in the area of system software. (As was already stated in the header up above. I figure I change topics rather frequently, and so I decided to warn you ahead of time what I’m writing about from now on. Any thoughts on this little feature? I’d be glad to hear ’em, and any other thoughts you might have. 🙂 Now, on with the show.

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    Direct Access Vs. America Online

    On March 1, 1996, in Opinion, by Tim Robertson

    The online world. If you are reading this, you are a part of it. Be it an online service
    such as America Online, a local BBS, or a direct internet connection, we are all a
    community of computer users connected by (for the most part) a telephone line.
    And as the publisher of My Mac, I receive many email messages a day, and have noticed a new trend as of late. People are leaving the friendly confines of the online service for the hustle and bustle that is the internet.

    Have you given up the online service for a direct internet account? If so, you are not alone. To date, I have received over forty COA’s (Change Of Address) notifications,
    people who have either left America Online for good, or people who realized
    they can have My Mac delivered to them cheaper than on AOL.

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    Mac Tips and Tricks Jan 1996

    On January 1, 1996, in How-To, by Tim Robertson

    Many of you have written in asking me to print more tips and trick, so I will try to do just that. If you have a tip or trick, and wish to share it with other mac users, send it in! I will print as many as you send in, and try to test them all beforehand to verify that they do work.
    America Online Software Tips.

    Do you have a document or picture you have been unable to open? Simply use the “open” command from the AOL software, select the file, and viola! AOL software is very good at opening the strangest things. I have had a few picture files that Graphic Converter, my favorite stand by, has been unable to open, but AOL did with ease!

    Do you have a file you want to stuff, but do not have Stuffit? Once again, AOL comes to the rescue! First, select “Compose Mail”, then choose “Attach file”. Next you will be asked to select the file you wish to attached to you email. After you have done so, select “compress file”, at which time AOL will ask you to save the stuffed file, with .sit at the end. AOL will now stuff that file. After this is done, simply close the letter, and do not save. You now have a stuffed file! Also, the reverse is true. If you have a compressed file, and do not have the correct software (like a .zip file) , you can use the “Open” command to select that file. AOL will expand it for you!

    You do not need to be online to do use any of these tricks.

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