Allaire Bluetooth Wireless Premium Stereo Speakers

Aperion Audio

$399 per pair in black or white; includes 30-day trial and free shipping both ways

This exciting new Allaire Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Speakers stereo system is priced midway into the $250 to $500 premium category. If you are tempted to save money and buy a competitor’s less expensive bookshelf product, consider first the added value Aperion provides. Keep reading; the news improves to match the stellar sound from the company’s new Aperion Allaire Bluetooth, referred to here as Allaire BT.

allaire front


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A4 XW-SMA4-K Wireless Speaker
Company: Pioneer
Price: $199.00 MSRP

Pioneer front

The wireless revolution is here. Speakers most of us are accustomed to, the ones connected to a receiver with RCA jacks, are gradually becoming dinosaurs as more companies offer speakers that require no wires whatsoever. Considering the horrible nest of wires tangled behind my TV and external speakers, I hope this revolution picks up stream.

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iW2 AirPlay Speaker System
Company: iHome Audio
Price: $200

User Report

iHome Audio continues to innovate as the company expands its impressive lineup of AirPlay speakers. The new model iW2 is just like the original iW1, reviewed here, except iW2 is smaller, not quite as loud, and is AC powered only, instead of being also battery powered.

In form and function both iW1 and iW2 are identical, except iW2 spent too much time in the clothes dryer and shrunk down in size. For a hundred dollars less, $200 compared to $300, iW2 lacks some of the larger unit’s audio power and all of its portability.

iHome’s full retail price tags are being used here. Internet pricing is inconsistent for both products, so shop at a reliable local or online merchant for optimum value and customer service.

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Pioneer Elite N-30 Front View

Pioneer Elite N-30 Networked Audio Player
Company: Pioneer Electronics
Price: $499.00 USD

Pioneer, a venerable name in home audio, has come up with a pair of interesting devices to better integrate the audio part of the internet and your own digital music library into your home audio system, the N-30 and N-50 Networked Audio Players. The Networked Audio Players are part of Pioneer’s Elite product line, noted for their excellent construction and superb audio quality. Pioneer foolishly loaned me an N-30 to evaluate. I say foolishly only because I seem to attract products for review that have fundamental flaws that cause me to write far too many negative reviews. Sadly, this is one of them.

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PhotoPresenter 4
App Developer: Boinx Software Ltd
Version Reviewed: 4.1.6
License: US$9.99 – Requires Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later

If you like showing off your photo collection to family and friends but want something more entertaining than the traditional slideshow then PhotoPresenter may be for you.

PhotoPresenter takes the idea of a slideshow collation of photographs and changes the way it is conceived, developed, and presented.

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iW1 AirPlay Wireless Audio System with Rechargeable Battery
Price: $300.00 US

iHome’s new iW1 speaker will change your life and the way you listen to music. Soon all speakers will be this versatile. For now, purchasers need relatively deep pockets and a modest grasp of technology to set up and use iW1 to its maximum capabilities.

A thorough written manual is included that makes the process relatively straightforward. A dedicated and full-featured web site for this product and its technology is here, including FAQs and how-to video. Web-based and telephone tech support are available too.

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MyMac Podcast

On June 18, 2005, in Podcast, by The MyMac Podcast

A few days late, but MyMac Podcast 30 is online and can be downloaded here in MP3 format. This show is an hour long, hope you don’t mind. Time flies when you are having fun, as we did recording this weeks show.

This week, we talk about why we are three days late recording the Podcast. It is all good, Tim just had an important job to finish before he could make the long trek to the recording studio to meet up with Chad and record this week. But next week, look for the Podcast to be early.

Our feature this week and our contest is one and the same. We look at the bib box of goodies sent to from XtremeMac. They sent us the new iPod Shuffle gear, which includes AirPlay, SportWrap, SuperHook, TuffWrapz, Bumperz, Shieldz, Audio Kit for iPod shuffle, and the SuperClip. Listen to the show as Chad and Tim check out and talk about all this gear, and then enter the contest and win one of those items! Send all contest entries to

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