Adobe Photoshop CS5 One-on-One
Book Review

On August 31, 2011, in Book Review, by Steve Hammond

Adobe Photoshop CS5 One-on-One
Author: Deke McClelland
Company: O’reilly
ISBN: 978-0-596-80797-9, 460 pages
Price: $49.99

Abobe Photoshop CS5 One-on-One is a great book for Photoshop CS5 users. As with many tutorial books, it takes you from the basic chapters on cropping and resizing an image, to layers and more advanced features. The first chapter is dedicated to opening and organizing pictures with Bridge CS5, while the last one is on traditional printing and export to web functions of the software.

Many aspects of the tools in Photoshop CS5 are presented in the book. Making selections, an important part of the Photoshop workflow, takes an entire chapter. Almost at the end, a tutorial shows how to make a complex selection using the Channels from the picture. The author will teach you many fundamentals of Photoshop, namely retouching, healing and enhancing a picture as well as adjusting color and removing color cast. As you read and follow the book, the author also reaches some more advanced features of Photoshop CS5, such as Smart Objects and Smart Filters. It also covers features such as Free Transform, Adobe Camera Raw and masks. Some parts of the book teach you compositing and how to work with text layers.

The book is specifically named with the CS5 version of the software. But most of the chapters will be doable only with CS4 or even earlier versions of Photoshop. When a new feature of CS5 is mentioned, it is clearly stated and users of previous versions can skip this section easily if they want. There is no specific section on Photoshop CS5 new features only. But it is well integrated in the flow of the book. The book does not come with a CD-ROM, but online contents can be found from the provided link in the book. The content includes both the material used in the tutorials, as well as small video clips at the beginning of each chapter. According to the book cover, there are five hours of video.

The book Adobe Photoshop CS5 One-on-One is nice reading. It does not have a specific goal in mind, but can be seen as a typical introduction to Photoshop book. The book is written for both Mac and PC, telling you specific shortcuts for each platform. It is very comprehensive and includes lots of material for beginner to intermediate users.

MyMac Review Rating: 9 out of 10

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Adobe Touch iPad Apps for Photoshop CS5

On August 2, 2011, in iPad, Photography, Review, by Suzé Gilbert

iPad 2 App Review by Suzé Gilbert
Adobe Touch iPad Apps for Photoshop CS5
Adobe Eazel, Adobe Nav, Adobe Color Lava
Apple AppStore
Adobe Eazel $2.99 US, Adobe Nav $1.99 US, Adobe Color Lava $2.99 US

Last April, Adobe released the powerful Creative Suite 5.5 and the Photoshop Software Development Kit(SDK). The Photoshop Touch SDK and a new script capability in the updated Photoshop CS5.1 offer developers the tools to design applications that interact between the touchscreen device and Adobe Photoshop. To herald this event, Adobe released three apps for the iPad: Adobe Eazel, Adobe Nav, and Adobe Color Lava. Each of the three apps can interact with Photoshop CS5 or CS5.1. They are not compatible with earlier versions of Adobe Photoshop.

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Class On Demand Complete Training for Adobe Photoshop CS5
Instructor: Sue Jenkins
Price: $99.99US



When Adobe updated Photoshop to CS5 in 2010, a plethora of books, DVD’s, free web tutorials, and online video lessons became available to help users achieve quick proficiency with the application. One of the companies that offer online video tutorials is Class On Demand. Class On Demand is an Illinois-based publisher that specializes in online and video training for a variety of media and software. Class On Demand Complete Training for Adobe Photoshop CS5 is offered as an online class or a DVD. I used the online class rather than the DVD for this review.

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Two Photoshop CS5 Books
Book Review

On March 10, 2011, in Book Review, Photography, Tutorial, by Suzé Gilbert

The Adobe Photoshop CS5 Book for Digital Photographers
by Scott Kelby
$54.99 US, $65.99 CA


The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 Book for Digital Photographers
by Scott Kelby
$49.99 US, $59.99 CA
Published by New Riders Voices That Matter

When I first began learning Adobe Photoshop many years ago, I was frustrated because most of the literature didn’t address the digital photographer. I spent hours learning and googling information on how to tweak black and white images so they could be close to what I could experience in the darkroom. I remember the first time I purchased one of Scott Kelby’s books, The Adobe Photoshop CS Book for Digital Photographers. Scott presented the tools within Adobe Photoshop in an articulate manner that a digital photographer was yearning for. Aside from his self-professed corny humor, Scott focused on how digital photographers could quickly fine- tune their images in Adobe Photoshop. He provided his readers with abundant information that enabled a swift fluency with the software. His newest offering, The Adobe Photoshop CS5 Book for Digital Photographers does not disappoint.

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My First Look – Adobe Photoshop CS5

On June 2, 2010, in First Look, Review, by Donny Yankellow

Photoshop CS5 Extended

Adobe seems to come out with a new CS5 every year, including Photoshop. Every time a new version comes out you have to evaluate what is new and if it is worth the money t make the upgrade. I currently use CS3 at home and in my classroom because I did not see the need to upgrade to CS4. For me, and I think many others, it was not a “must have” update. However, CS5 and the new features they have added make this a “must have” update for any one using Photoshop.

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