Toast 11

Roxio’s Toast began as a simple way to burn optical media, CDs then DVDs; it slowly became the preferred way to do so until

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My First Look – Adobe Photoshop CS5

Adobe seems to come out with a new CS5 every year, including Photoshop. Every time a new version comes out you have to evaluate what is new and if it is worth the money t make the upgrade. I currently use CS3 at home and in my classroom because I did not see the need to upgrade to CS4. For me, and I think many others, it was not a “must have” update. However, CS5 and the new features they have added make this a “must have” update for any one using Photoshop.

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One wonders if Paul Brainerd imagined the possibilities of his revolutionary program, PageMaker, back in 1985. Almost twenty-five years later, what is arguably the gold standard in page layout, Adobe’s InDesign, has graced the world with its latest incarnation, Adobe InDesign CS5. Always seeking to innovate and push the technological envelope, Adobe has brought a number of new features and technologies to this venerable stalwart of the publishing industry. In this First Look, we bring you a general overview of the new product with an eye towards the full review to follow.

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First Look – Aluminum Unibody 15” MacBook Pro

Before I start with my critique, let me give you a little background. I’m a graphic professional that also provides IT help desk support for a large publishing company. I bought this Mac with the specific task of providing tech support and general surfing. When it comes do doing design work I’m still a desktop kind of guy. That said, this is not my first portable Mac. Prior to this 15” MacBook Pro I’ve been a proud owner of  two 12” iBooks. The reason for the timing for this new purchase is because my last iBook didn’t survive the return flight from Anaheim, California last month.

Adobe CS3 Rollout: First Look

Attendance was by invitation only at the top-secret Adobe Media Event held in an undisclosed location within San Francisco’s Moscone Center during January’s Macworld Expo. Select editors of online and print publications were given a high-energy preview of the comprehensive group of applications within Adobe’s new Creative Suite 3, or CS3.

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