Essential Apple Podcast 60: My Mac, Yakkity Yak!

Recorded 15th September 2017

This week we try to put the misery of forest fires, earthquakes, devastation by hurricanes and all the rest of it aside as we are joined by Steve Hammond, long time writer and reviewer on We discuss all the news in Apple, Technology and associated tomfoolery from the last week or so.

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On this week’s show:


  • Apple’s Tim Cook on iPhones, augmented reality, and how he plans to change your world – The Independent
  • Apple’s Jony Ive Revealed That The iPhone X Was In Development For 5 Years – DesignTAXI
  • Apple to donate $1 million plus matched employee contributions for California wildfire relief – Apple Insider
  • Apple fixes some ancient MacBook Pros for free. Here’s why – Cult of Mac


  • Consumer groups want federal regulators to recall the Google Mini after a glitch made it ‘intercept and record private conversations’ – Business Insider
  • Hackers covertly hide code on Politifact to hijack your PC, secretly mine cryptocurrencies (and elsewhere) – International Business Times, UK Edition


  • Russian hackers stole U.S. cyber secrets from NSA: media reports – Reuters
  • How Israel Caught Russian Hackers Scouring the World for U.S. Secrets (ALLEGEDLY) – NY Times
  • German Intelligence and Interpol refute Kaspersky claims – WCC Tech


  • NEC MultiSync 34″ 3440 x 1440 3000:1 Curved SVA Desktop Monitor EX341R-BK – Amazon
  • Edifier Spinnaker Speakers – Amazon
  • Edifier Luna Eclipse e25 Bluetooth Speakers – Amazon

Nemo’s Hardware Store (44:30)

  •  Tofu 8 Port Smart Fast Charge – $24.99 US Amazon
  • Anypro Adjustable Aluminum iPhone Stand – $10.99 US – Amazon
  •  Anypro 360° Rotating Adjustable Aluminum iPad Stand – $24.99 US – Amazon

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About Simon Parnell

Co-host of the Essential Apple Podcast alongside Mark Chappell who lives in the far West of Wales, while I make my abode deep in the East of Suffolk.

Father, Husband, Mac Lover, DTP & Prepress Professional, Geek, Cook, Drinker of Wines, Beers & Spirits.

I am British, and now the “wrong” side of 50 years old, I am married and have 3 children.

I started working in a design studio in the early 80’s back in the days of Cow Gum, Rotring Pens and Scalpels. I moved on to using Macs in about 1989 (way back when 40MB Hard Drives were BIG and 8MB RAM was a top end spec, System 6.0.3 was the cutting edge and the IIcx I worked on set me back about £5000… eek!).

Since then I have worked on pretty much every generation of Macintosh and every Mac OS Apple have released. I have done design and pre-press work with a wide variety of “DTP” applications old, new, well known and obscure. I have a fascination with finding cheaper alternatives to the “big guns” so DTP can be accessible to everybody!

For the last 15+ years I have worked in a small print works close to my home doing design and pre-press work.

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