Essential Apple Podcast 42: It’s The Coffin They Carry You Off In

Recorded 14th May 2017

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On this Week’s Show

  • Massive “cyber attack” which isn’t – it is just another ransomware “gone bigly”
  • MS to release a patch for systems in “custom support” i.e. XP, Server 2003, and Windows 8
  • Simon’s impression of the Catalyst Apple Watch protective cover
  • Dropping the “Big Five” – entertaining thought experiment – I went FB, Amazon, Google, MS, Apple – New York Times

Nemo’s Hardware Store (27:50)

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Mark’s a guy who lives in a shack by the sea in far western England, binge watching Netflix series in between reviewing tech and Mac related goodies. The switch to Macintosh was easy when using dreaded WinVista and adding a printer proved nigh on impossible. That tipped him over the edge and since getting a Mac he’s never looked back, including the Hackintosh years. Wanna be guitar player, intermittent podcaster, and a Taylor Swift fan.

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