One thought on “TechFan 277 – Mom and Apple Event

  1. Thank you for that very personal and moving tribute to your Mom Tim. I imagine it must be very hard to lose someone so special so early. For what it is worth my wife’s “dad” (like with you he wasn’t her biological father) died suddenly from a massive heart attack alone in his home… and that was terrible and traumatic as well as loss there was shock and disbelief to deal with. Losing someone can never be pleasant but at least you got to be with her and knew it was coming. I am a little bit older than you – but not that much, and thankfully that is a trial I have yet to face – but my parents are both in their 80s and I know that even though they are in good health they can’t last forever.
    And the Apple event? Total farce in my view… we have been waiting and waiting – Uncle Tim even promised us “amazing technologies” and we got a TouchBar? On a new now 30% more expensive range of “thinner, lighter and smaller” MBPs? Where is the new Pro, iMac and Mini? The MBPs are nice and all that don’t get me wrong… but some of us work on and make a living on the desktop Macs. We can’t keep on pretending that 2-4 year old tech is acceptable.
    Hey ho… keep on hoping I guess
    Deepest sympathy on your family’s loss Tim (Yes Tim!)


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