5 Things You Can Do to Look Different

So you want a positive change in your life by improving your outward appearance? It is a good and positive step. Good appearance breeds confidence, with confidence you can successfully achieve a lot of things you have always desired. Like nicking a beauty or a cool bloke, getting the job or promotion you desire and so on.

Sometimes there is nothing wrong with your style, but it just needs a little tweak to look different and attractive. Following are a few things that you can do to look different:

1. Get a Custom-made Dress

Ready-made, off the rack clothing is produced on mass level with universal designs and sizes to cater to a larger group of people. However, each person is different with unique styling needs. It is not possible that all the people will look good and stylish with ready- made clothing.

In your bid to look different, custom clothing may be the answer for you. The truth is that every girl deserves a custom dress by Azazie. As it is custom made especially for you, you get exact match in terms of size and shape, design and style etc.

2. Try Different Color Combinations

Some people look good no matter what color they wear, but these people are few and far between. Most people have to identify or wear selected colors that suits them. Figure out which colors look good on you, It is also good to constantly shift between darker and lighter colors to look different.
Also, be unique in your style. Mix and match and you will never go wrong. There is no need to mix black with white always, you can try other colors like blue and even yellow…for as long as it suits you.

3. Accessories

Tonnes of different accessories are available for both the genders which can help you look different and good. Other than clothing, wearing accessories are a great style maker. Don’t be shy to constantly mix in new accessories with your clothing, as they are not only cheap but also help you to look different.

4. Exercise

Workouts greatly help people to look better and different. If you are overweight, losing extra pounds will make you look attractive. If you’re skinny, gaining a few could do wonders for your appearance.

5. Healthy Eating

To look good and to be healthy, a good diet is essential. Adopt a balanced diet with different types of healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, meat, dairy products etc. A nutritious diet will help you to be healthy, and when you are healthy, you will automatically look good.

For looking good and different self-awareness is the key. To know what looks good on you and what doesn’t will help you to make the required changes for being different.

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