Garry Fong Puffer – Pop-Up Flash Diffuser

Garry Fong Puffer – Pop-Up Flash Diffuser
Company: Gary Fong
Price: $24.99 US

Everyone buying an entry to mid range DSLR with an integrated pop-up flash rapidly learns they are not so great. Like many flashes on compact cameras, they point directly to your subject and are not adjustable. They also tend to blast the subject directly, making it look overexposed.

Gary Fong, well-known for their camera accessories, proposes a solution for the pop-up flash on your DSLR. The Puffer is a simple idea, but very efficient diffuser for DSLR pop-up flashes. It is a semi-transparent dome-shape that, when in front of your pop-up flash, diffuses the light more elegantly to your subject. This results in a softer light on your subject, and a better exposition of the scene in general. In my tests, I found the results quite impressive, especially for the low price of the item.

The Puffer mounts on the hot-shoe of your DSLR and can be adjusted to eight different positions to fit your DSLR pop-up flash perfectly. It is relatively small and takes almost no place in your camera bag. I appreciate the finger handle on the hot-shoe mount to facilitate its removal when you’re done. My main negative comment is that the pegs that attached the diffuser to the hot-shoe mount are in plastic and felt a bit fragile. When putting it in your bag, you’d like to make sure it would not be subject to pressure or bending, or it may break a peg.

MyMac Review Rating: 8 out of 10

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