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Guy and Gaz attempt to do the impossible! Which is record a podcast with no working software on Guy’s computer. Fortunately Gaz hasn’t upgraded to Lion on his production machine (like Guy did and shouldn’t have) so they recorded from his computer. Guy feels ashamed (sad Guy face). Reggie Ashworth maker of AppDelete and VidConvert comes on the show from the Philippines making this a truly world-wide affair! LOT’S of feedback from our great listeners and they talk a bit about the new gear from Apple, getting Lion (whether you should or not is open for debate) on your Mac and a few of the problems that we had.

App Picks:
DeathSpank from HotHead Software $8.99
iStudiez Pro from iStudiez Team $2.99

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Scott and Owen Rubin contemplate the upcoming iOS 5. Suzé Gilbert teaches how vectors and drawing can be terms suitable to the iPad. John Nemo talks equalization. And Scott begs you all to go on a diet with an app from MyFitnessPal.

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Writers Bliss – The SpaceSaver M Keyboard

On July 27, 2011, in Keyboard, Review, by Tim Robertson

SpaceSaver M Keyboard
Company: Unicomp
Price: $94

A while back, I was talking with an engineer who is also a big Mac fan. He uses a docked Macbook Pro in the office, attached to a big monitor and a… IBM keyboard? Upon closer inspection, I noticed it was an original IBM Model M keyboard, which I have always considered the best pure typing keyboard ever made. When I asked him about it, it sparked a half-hour conversation, in which he agreed it was the best ever made, and he showed me the PS2 to USB adapter he used to make the old keyboard work on his modern Macintosh.

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Extreme Sleeve for iPad

On July 26, 2011, in Cases, iPad, Review, by Russ Walkowich

iPad Extreme Sleeve
Company: G-Form LLC
Price: $59.95 USD

There are all types of different cases for the iPad; soft cases, hard cases, cases made from neoprene, leather, faux leather, plastic… the list goes on. They allow you to carry your iPad around and for the most part, protect your iPad from accidental harm. Now what would you think of a soft, flexible case that upon impact, becomes hard and protects your iPad?

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With David on vacation, Tim Robertson is joined by MyMac writers Donny Yankellow and Elisa Pacelli. Topics include ebooks, Lion, buying physical books, music, and movies compared to the electronic variety, great children’s software for the iPad, and how much better everything is now than it was in “the old days”.

Tim on Twitter
Donny on Twitter
Elisa on Twitter!/senseidai
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Take Control of Upgrading to Lion, version 1.1
Author: Joe Kissell
Publisher: TidBITS Publishing, Inc.
Price: $15.00
150 pages, ebook-PDF format
ISBN: 978-1-61542-138-1

On July 20, 2011, Apple released the much-anticipated OS X 10.7 Lion. As with all previous OS upgrades, it’s important to get your Mac ready for a new operating system. And also, as with previous upgrades, TidBITS Publishing is there to help, with Joe Kissell’s new ebook, Take Control of Upgrading to Lion (TCUL).

This book is NOT about how to use Lion; Kissell refers the reader to another Take Control book on that subject. Rather, TCUL is a primer on preparing for Lion’s installation.

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Top Camera iPhone App

On July 22, 2011, in iPhone, Review, by Donny Yankellow

Top Camera
Company: Lucky Clan
Price: $.99 for a limited time
Top Camera

When I heard Lucky Clan was releasing a camera app for the iPhone I knew it had to be good. After all, this is the same developer that released the fantastic ArtStudio for the iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad. I also knew, based on ArtStudio, that this is an app that will be constantly updated with new features as time went on and well worth the money. In fact less than three weeks after the initial release and update has happened with more features added. Was I right about it being a great app? Read on.

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Is $79 too expensive or just right pricing for Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 Editor from the Mac App Store? Listen to this brief audiocast editorial, please.

Nemo Adobe App Store Elements 9 Editorial

Click on the link above to hear the editorial. Thanks.

Here is the Adobe posting.

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Guy and Gaz FINALLY end all the iHub stuff with feedback from many of our winners AND we record live some of their entries! Saudi Arabians know Red Dwarf quite well it seems and do you want to know what the original Mac ALMOST  looked like? Google + gets compared to other currently more popular social media sites and is the iPod on life support? OH, and apparently Apple made a lot of money last quarter YAWN!

App Picks:
Videator from the Stone Design Group $9.99
Backdrop from John Haney Software

Contact info: Drop us a line and let us know you want to be on the show. Gaz and Guy on Twitter, and, or our Skype direct number 703-436-9501. Also go into iTunes and leave some feedback.

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Scott and Owen Rubin talk about the past, the present, and the future, and blame battery technology for all of their problems. Suzé Gilbert sautés up a great review with iCookbook. John Nemo and Martin Taylor bring us a Nano sized World’s Shortest Reviewcast with NanoStudio. And a voicemail from a Peter on the lam accuses Scott of completely misreading trends in modern computing.

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Dragon IP 100 Table Top Speaker System
S. E. M. Audio Laboratories 
Price: $251 US plus shipping

Available from company direct store via PayPal purchase

“It’s stylish, John, in a Museum of Modern Art way,” says Barbara, my wife. “I like the look of this new speaker you’re reviewing.” She is fussy, so that’s serious praise. “It doesn’t look like other speakers you review, because they aren’t very attractive. Why does it have that big silver front piece?” It’s brushed aluminum for a premium designer feel, according to the company.

Concerning the sound, “After you determined how to get the controls figured out, it sounds good,” she adds. “At first I was disappointed with the music playback, but once you turned up the volume and got your equalizers happy, I enjoy listening to your demo playlist both for primary and background music.”

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Solar Separates
TechFan Podcast #39

On July 19, 2011, in Podcast, TechFan, by Tim Robertson

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David and Tim delve into listener feedback. Netflix, Google +, and Final Cut Pro X are our returning champions. Also, why don’t everyone have Solar Panels on their roof nowadays? And what happened the the HiFi Separates industry?

Contact TechFan at and leave a message at 1-801-938-5559

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Bodyguardz Clear Skins Review

On July 18, 2011, in iPad, Review, by Mike Breed

BodyGuardz Clear Skins & Carbon Fiber Armor
Company: BodyGuardz
iPad 2 Clear Skin full body protector – $29.95 USD
iPhone 4 Clear Skin – $24.95 USD

I have to admit that I’m a minimalist at heart when it comes to the appearances of my electronic devices. Apple’s designs are simply elegant and I like to show them off. Bulkier cases can sometimes detract from the inherent good looks of these devices, so I’m constantly on the lookout for cases that provide decent protection while staying as thin as possible. Possible solutions I’ve seen include the polymer skins for iPhones that involve a liquid application, but I’ve always been a bit intimidated to apply one to my iPhone. I finally worked up my nerve and gave BodyGuardz a try and I’m glad I did.

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Now in 3D!
TechFan Podcast #38

On July 15, 2011, in Podcast, TechFan, by Tim Robertson

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David Cohen and Tim Robertson turn to the iPhone and cool apps in the first segment. The iMainGo X speaker systems gets a workout, Songify, Robot Loves Kitty, Stitcher, X-Mini II Capsule Speaker, and more. In the second segment, Netflix, Google Plus, 3D movies, a new online movie idea, and much more are talked about.

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Multiple Lion Taming
MyMac Podcast #358

On July 14, 2011, in Podcast, by The MyMac Podcast

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GREAT Googlely Moogely! Somehow the GMen keep this show under an hour (don’t count on THAT happening too often) and still pack it with fun! The winners of the iHub Contest and Top Camera iOS App are announced, a man shoves an iPad down his pants and get’s fired, and do really have to download 4 GBS of Lion goodness for each Mac we have?

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iRig Mini Demo
Pocket Sized Podcast #24

On July 13, 2011, in Pocket Sized Podcast, Podcast, by Scott Willsey

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Scott brags about some ineffectual writing he’s done using, and later does a mini demo of the iRig Mic by IK Multimedia. John Nemerovski demos his interviewing skills and the depth of knowledge in his family with a conversation with his cousin, Jim Nemerovski, about managing and viewing blogs and web sites on iOS devices.

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Soulra XL
Eton Corporation
$250 U.S.

The Eton NSP500B Soulra XL Sound System for iPod and iPhone is a sturdy and innovative stereo speakers boombox that offers the ultimate in portability. You can use it to play or recharge your iPod or iPhone and, because of its large built in solar panel, you can be off the grid forever.

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Corel Painter 12

On July 11, 2011, in Apps, Review, by Donny Yankellow

Painter 12
Company: Corel
Price: $429 USD Upgrade $229

In my time at I have had the pleasure of being given the opportunity to test several of the past versions of Corel Painter and Painter Essentials. I have said the following in past reviews, and it is worth saying again. Instead of releasing a new Painter every year, Corel waits at least two years between releases and when they release a new version they pack it with new features. Painter 12 follows this pattern. It is packed with new features. Looking at the list on Corel’s website there are well over twelve new features in Painter 12! New features are great, but they have to be good to make upgrading worthwhile. Does Painter 12 have enough to pass the upgrade test? Read on.

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Scruffy Florida
TechFan #37

On July 8, 2011, in Podcast, TechFan, by Tim Robertson

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David Cohen is in Botswana, Africa, and his audio quality via Skype is better than usual. Up first, David has a real beef with the Steam service, and Tim is sick of no good gamepads for the Macintosh. Other subjects include NASA, the Space Shuttle program, hacking cell phones and voice messages, News of the World, break-ups via FaceBook, Google Images searches, and a lot more.

Contact TechFan at and leave a message at 1-801-938-5559

Intuit Raises Its Middle Finger to Mac Users

On July 7, 2011, in News, Opinion, PowerPC, by Owen Rubin

For those of you who use Quicken for Mac versions 2005, 2006, or 2007 (2007 was the last “REAL” full version of Quicken), Intuit has some important news for you: Don’t upgrade to Lion (10.7)! In an official message from Intuit on Quicken, full versions of Quicken for Mac will no longer work with the next release of the Mac OS. PERIOD!

But there is Quicken Essentials you say, I will just upgrade? You are correct, that is an option, and that version will indeed work on Lion. But be aware that this is, in my opinion, a very poor crippled version of Quicken for those who only need the most basic of Quicken functions. Lost in Essentials is ANY ability to track investments. Also missing is the ability to create a good number of the financial reports you might need to do your taxes at the end of the year, or just track your financial status. And bill pay from the app is gone! Also, Essentials was essentially written from the ground up, they started over, so things are not the same as you are used to, and it just does not feel the same to me. In my opinion, Intuit made it quite clear that supporting the Mac with a full version of Quicken was off the table. After all, their last full version came out in 2007.

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