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Macally MSuit iPad Case
Company: Macally

Price: $19.99

When you look at cases for the iPad, iPhone, or iPod one of the most popular case materials is silicone. It is great for protecting your device. The MSuit is a great silicone case by Macally that only costs $19.99. It is only available in black, so if you want a different color this one is not for you.

The MSuit seems very flimsy before putting it on the iPad. However, it fits snuggly around the iPad. It is very easy to get on and off. Once one it covers alls sides of the iPad, except the control openings. It also overlaps the front of the iPad by about 1/4 inch. The volume control is not open and the case is molded around those. This did not interfere with controlling the volume.

As for protecting the iPad, this will do the trick in most cases. I would think a light fall with the MSuit on will give you a better chance of survival. However, I think I’d feel even safer with something a little thicker.

One problem I have had with iPod cases (yes I meant iPod) is that many are too slippery, especially silicone cases. Macally solves this with a textured back which makes it much easier to hold.

Overall, this is a great case for the iPad at a great price. If you want a simple case that will offer some protection to your iPad, it is a good choice. Rating 9 out of 10

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