MyMac Podcast 288 – Where’s MY Bloody iPad

Download the show here, and subscribe in iTunes Neil Worton joins us as a listener invite and we spend the majority of our time talking about the iPad. Neil uses a Mac for astronomy but most of the software he uses are Windows based. He’s looking for Mac equivalents. Here is what he’s currently using:

Neil’s website 


MacAlly has been kind enough to offer some great gear for MyMac Podcast listeners.

Send your name, address, email address, telephone and/or Skype name to

Prize 1 for the iPhone/iPod:

PowerLink – Emergency Charger for iPhone/iPod w/2GB Flash Drive

Prize 2 for theMac:
TuneFan – 2.1 Stereo Speakers With Subwoofer And Cooling Fan
Transcable – USB to USB Data Transfer cable

Cutoff date for entry is April 20th. The winners will be announced when we do podcast 290 on April 22th. Sorry…US residents only

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