The View from NH #2

It’s been unusually warm here in NH, and I’d know.

It was in the 80°s here yesterday so my eight year old and I decided to talk a walk up our road.
We live on a road that is a dead end, and there aren’t many houses.

This is what we saw:

This is the road we live on and started our walk from:

After walking for two minutes, we came acroos this field:

This field looks really spectacular this time of the year with the Fall Foliage turning:

It’s quiet this time of year, you can only hear the wind blowing the leaves:

Late in the day, as the sun begins to set, with the shadows in front of you, the trees look like they are on fire:

We came across the old barn. This barn is on the historic register:

Looking across from the barn is this view:

We’re not much for signs in NH:

One last look:

As we walked back down the road we talked about a field trip he had been on today. We laughed….it was a fantastic little walk:

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