Maxtor OneTouch Turbo III 1.5TB External Drive
Company: Seagate Technology LLC

Price: $549.99

How much storage do you have on your Mac? The demands of photo, video and audio files mean that more and more disk space is a real requirement nowadays, and has really driven down the cost of hard disks.

However, for most of us the Mac is not the most expandable of platforms for disk space. Unless you have a PowerMac or a Mac Pro, internal disks can only be replaced by the use of a specialist Apple engineer. Fortunately, USB and Firewire offers an external storage option, and the availability of external drives has mushroomed.

But that in itself creates a new problem. If you bought an external drive 12 months ago, you can probably buy double the capacity today for the same price (or less!). And if you use a drive to store precious data like photos or downloaded iTunes tracks, then you need a backup, so you’ll probably have to buy another drive and some backup software. Then you have to remember to do the backups, of course…

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Macspiration 101
DVD Bookmarking

On October 16, 2007, in Macspiration, by Donny Yankellow

Recently, I wanted to show one of my classes a few sections of a DVD. The DVD was not broken into chapters, so I could not count of skipping through the video with them. After searching the menus in Apple’s DVD Player, I discovered Bookmarks.

Bookmarks allows you to create your own chapters in a DVD video, and it could not be any easier to do.

The first thing you need to do is have DVD Player open. Next go to the “Windows” menu and make sure “Bookmarks” is checked. If it is the window below will open.

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HP Photosmart C4280 All-in-One Printer
Company: HP

Price: $99 (US)

I remember hearing once, long before computers became so popular, that they would become so fast and powerful, with a storage capacity and connectivity, that we would essentially live in a paperless world. And so here we are today, in a world dominated by computers of all shapes and sizes. Computers are so common now that, if we know someone who does not have one, we are mystified how that could even be possible. But the promise, or prediction, of the paperless world has never come to pass. If anything, the commonality of computers has only increased our need for paper. Be it for documents or pictures, printers of all shapes and sizes can be found plugged into most computers, whether using a direct USB connection or over a local area network.

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Nemo Memo
Wi-Fire? Whazzat? Whoopee!

On October 15, 2007, in Nemo Memo, by John Nemerovski

While we’re waiting for Tom Schmidt’s technical review of Wi-Fire from hField Technologies, let’s have a first look sneak peek. Wi-Fire is an affordable bus-powered USB alternative to Apple’s AirPort wireless technology. Install its software, restart, connect Wi-Fire to your computer’s USB port, launch its WLan application, choose SETUP -> OPEN SETUP WINDOW, wait a moment, and observe all wireless networks with Wi-Fire’s extensive range.

If you know or think Wi-Fire is missing a potential wi-fi source, rotate its antenna and click on REFRESH in the WIRELESS LAN CONFIGURATION window. Each available network is displayed along with its potential connectivity strength. Depending upon whether you’re hugging cacti near where I live, or in an urban apartment or office building, the results can range from none or one to very many networks.

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Weekend Archive
Introduction to Wireless Networking

On October 13, 2007, in Opinion, by MyMac Administrator

This weekend, we go back two years to David Cohen’s Introduction to Wireless Networking article. A must read if you are thinking of setting up a wireless network for the first time. Check it out here.


MyMac Podcast 148

On October 12, 2007, in Podcast, by The MyMac Podcast

Download the show here, listen above, or rock it with iTunes
With Mac OS 10.5 right around the corner, Tim, Nemo, Russ, Tommy, and Guy chat it up. Also, the new iPods are discussed. David Cohen also returns with a new Fenestration.

As always, we would love to have some feedback. Send us an email here, or simply call 1-801-938-5559 and leave a message.

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Links from the show:
Microsoft Office 2008 Site
Mac Mojo Blog

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Don’t despair when your full size or mini iPod stops working. If the electronics or other components give up the ghost, your precious Toshiba 1.8 inch pip-squeak hard drive can remain in service.

Geek alert: the following is for techies. You know who you are. If you are asking yourself, “Izzis me, Nemo?” go back to your regularly-scheduled activity.

The cost is not trivial, but the process of extraction and data retrieval is straightforward. You carefully pry open the iPod case on the central seam running along either of the long sides, gently open up the case, and disconnect the couple of connectors that are hiding inside. Pull aside the rubber gaskets securing your tiny hard drive, unplug this drive from its port, and place it in a safe spot on your static-free work area.

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Comply Whoomp! Earbud Enhancers

On October 11, 2007, in Earphones, Review, by John Nemerovski

Whoomp! Earbud Enhancers
Company: Comply / Hearing Components

Price: $20 US

If the Apple earbuds that are included with your iPod or iPhone sound tinny, or if they let in too much ambient noise, or fall out of your ears while you are actively using them, Comply™ / Hearing Components has a solution. Whoomp!™ Earbud Enhancers are angled foam tips attached to a form-fitting earbud cover, with improved bass response, sound isolation, and in-ear stability. At $20 for two sets, how good can they be, and how bad?

Whoomp! ships in two sizes, with two pairs per package. You can order them in a package with four standard, four slim, or two each standard/slim. A very nice black fabric/leatherette zippered case is included, along with ear placement and fitting instructions.

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Using iWeb 08
Part 1

On October 10, 2007, in Using iWeb, by Guy Serle

Most people who own Macs these days are using some version of OS X. If their Mac is of a relatively recent vintage, they probably also have a copy of Apple’s iLife. I won’t bother to explain what iLife is, you either have it or you don’t. Apple’s iLife 06 is the version that brought one new application that has wormed its way into my heart; iWeb.

The latest version of iLife as of September 2007 is iLife 08. If you have created sites using iWeb from iLife 06, be very careful. While Apple has updated iWeb 2, it still doesn’t always play nice with sites created by its predecessor. If you’re going to open a previous iWeb project in iWeb 2, make a backup copy of the “Domain” file first. See the section titled “Starting off in iWeb” which will tell you where the file is and an easy way to copy it.

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TunePro Flat Panel Stereo Speaker, AM/FM Clock Radio, and iPod Charger
Company: MacAlly

Price: $130

MacAlly’s TunePro is as strange as it is brilliant. Once you’ve placed it into service, set its clock and radio, connected the antennas, docked your iPod, and peeled away a sheet of protective plastic, you’re looking at — yourself. The entire front panel is the mirrored surface of TunePro’s speaker, with the time of day and your audio input method displayed in discreet LEDs in the upper right corner. You can shave while listening and looking at TunePro, as it vibrates to the beat of Beethoven, Big Bill Broonzy, or Biggie Smalls.

Let’s see how accurate are this company’s promotional claims:

“The latest NXT flat panel loudspeaker technology coupled with SRS WOW technology for superior audio enhancement”

TunePro’s speaker design is a technological phenomenon, and the SRS WOW definitely enhances all audio output.

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ORB mStation iPod Speaker

On October 9, 2007, in iPod, Review, Speakers, by John Nemerovski

Orb iPod Speaker and Docking Station
Company: mStation

Price: $130 US

Orb is round, colorful, versatile, and at 8″ in diameter is a bit smaller than a bowling ball (but a bowling ball is a lot heavier). Orb is available in blue, red, pink, green, silver, black, and white. This 30 watt stereo “2.1” speaker is sold on the company web site, or at RCS Experience, J&R, B&H, and CompUSA. Here is a full product description with specifications, plus a photo gallery and some prior reviews.

mStation provided a bright green Orb for our evaluation. The unit ships with six different docking inserts for all current iPod models except the latest Gen 3 iPod “video” nano, but G3nano is so small it will work in one or more of the included inserts. Both my prehistoric third generation “four button” 30GB iPod and my brand new 80GB iPod Classic work as expected in Orb’s north pole dock, but be aware that iPods prior to fourth generation have had problems with competing dock/speaker systems.

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Photoshop Lightroom Adventure
Book Review

On October 9, 2007, in Book Review, by Bakari Chavanu

Photoshop Lightroom Adventure: Mastering Adobe’s next-generation tool for digital photographers.
by Mikkel Aaland

352 pages
O’Reilly Media

When it comes to digital photography, Mikkel Aaland is one of the most prolific writers about subject. A little over five years ago when I was first learning to understand how to use my little Olympus digital camera and Adobe’s Photoshop Elements, Mikkel’s books were among the first I read on the subject. Mikkel is an award-winning photographer and author of 10 books, including Phtoshop CS2 RAW (O’Reilly), Shooting Digital: Pro Tips for Taking Great Pictures with Your Digital Camera (Sybex), and The Sword of Heaven (Travelers’ Tales). His latest book is about Adobe’s popular digital processing application, Adobe Lightroom.

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UNIEA iPod Case

On October 8, 2007, in Cases, iPod, by John Nemerovski

U-Suit Leather Cases for iPods
Company: Uniea

Prices: $29.95 and $34.95 US (see below for details)

* * * * *

U-Suits from Uniea are here in a colorful range of stylish, protective cases for all new and recent iPods, plus the iPhone. Artie recently reviewed the company’s MacBook case here and gave it a high rating.

iPod U-Suits are rigid one-piece slip-in sleeves, with top, bottom, and front exposed. iPhone U-Suits are mostly open in front, to correspond to the large display area. An iPhone Folio model has a protective front flap that stays in place via a clever, gentle magnet, plus a belt clip and hole upper right rear. Card slots and dock ports are readily accessible.

I’ve been using a previous generation 60GB U-Suit to protect my new 80GB iPod Classic. The iPod slips snugly into its U-Suit, with little danger of unexpected escape. Screen visibility is acceptable through the permanently-affixed thin, clear screen cover. Click-wheel and Menu controls are easy to operate.

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The View from NH #2

On October 6, 2007, in Original Blog, by Rich Lefko

It’s been unusually warm here in NH, and I’d know.

It was in the 80°s here yesterday so my eight year old and I decided to talk a walk up our road.
We live on a road that is a dead end, and there aren’t many houses.

This is what we saw:

This is the road we live on and started our walk from:

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Podcast 147
Rogue Amoeba

On October 5, 2007, in Podcast, by The MyMac Podcast

Download the show here, in iTunes, or listen above
Tim interviews Rogue Amoeba’s Paul Kafasis about the company, his history with the Mac, and some of their great products, including the newly released Radioshift. The later, Guy Serle, Donny Yankellow, and Bill Palmer join Tim to chat about the new Zune, the Podcast Expo, 100 Articles, and much more.

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Links from the show:
Rogue Amoeba
Macspiration: The First Fifty

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I finally touched an iTouch

On October 4, 2007, in Original Blog, by Rich Lefko

I was in the vicinity of an Apple store yesterday which doesn’t happen much in NH.
I went right to the iPod section and there was a row of about 7 shiny, gleaming iTouch iPods on one table. Across the aisle was another half dozen classic iPods.
The iTouch is REALLY thin. I’d read that it was pretty thin, but I was surprised at just how thin it was. Naturally, the display items in the store were not exhibiting any of the flaws the first batch of iTouchs’ had with the dark screen problem.
I must say, I was impressed.

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Keyspan Presentation Remote Pro

On October 2, 2007, in Review, by Donny Yankellow

Presentation Remote Pro
Company: Keyspan

Price: $79

Do you need a remote for controlling slide shows and other presentations on your Mac, but you don’t have a newer Mac that came with an Apple remote? Do you have an Apple remote for your computer, but it doesn’t have enough features for your needs? If you answered yes to either of these questions, the Keyspan Presentation Remote Pro might be what you are looking for.

The Presentation Remote Pro is packed full of features. The most important feature being that it will control your presentations. It controls Powerpoint presentations, Keynote presentation, iPhoto slideshows, Quicktime slideshows, and it even controls switching tracks in iTunes (I had to try, and it worked!). In addition to controlling the visual part of the presentation, it also has volume control buttons to remotely control the audio part of your presentation.

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