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Company: Miglia

Price: Varies quite a bit. Not more than $100

The Miglia Harmony Audio is a FireWire based audio input device for your computer. It has a very simple design (which is a plus) for recording two devices as long as those devices use 1/4-inch input jacks. It interfaces easily with Apple’s GarageBand and (unlike most USB devices) allows you to have two unique tracks fully editable within that program.

No power adapter is included though there is a plug for one. Not sure why they bothered since the Harmony Audio is powered up from the FireWire port that it is attached to. You can daisy-chain this device to another Miglia product or any other FireWire device as it has two available ports.

Each input has a gain control and a button option to soft clip your audio to prevent digital clipping. There are eight stereo outputs on the rear in the form of 1/8-inch jacks as well as a 1/8-inch headphone jack on the front.

The device is very light and easily transportable. It’s very capable as long as your needs aren’t too excessive. This is what we used to record the MyMac.com podcasts at the 2007 Macworld Expo and it worked out great. If you need or want an inexpensive FireWire audio input device and don’t need XLR jacks or phantom power for your microphones, this is an excellent under 100 dollar solution.

Pluses: Light, easy to carry and use, multi-track recording with GarageBand, no power adapter needed
Minuses: No XLR input
Rating: 4 out of 5

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