BodyBilt Chair

BodyBilt Chair
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How’s your back? How about your shoulders or arms? Any idea what value you place on them? I’ve been reading reviews and seeing full-page print ads for Bodybilt chairs for years, and now that I’m sitting in one, prepare yourself for some strongly-worded advice. Read on.

But first, let’s navigate the company’s web site to for “How to select a chair.” After filling out the brief questionnaire, I learned that “Your chair model is: J3507, with Options: Y2 and N3.”Okay, what next?

Bodybilt is a traditional, full-service chair company, with an extensive network of retail and wholesale reps and sales outlets. You never know the price of your customized chair until all your options have been selected, but most typical users will pay $1100 – 1500. Why so much? (Discounts are often available, so make sure to ask for one!)

Every Bodybilt chair comes with a printed Owner’s Manual booklet plus a very impressive multimedia detailed instructional CD. Nice touch! You can learn how to make each of the many personal adjustments, and why.

With a tremendous variety of chair styles, features, and fabric colors, there certainly is a Bodybilt chair for each person who can afford one. If your business or company is able to obtain corporate quantities, the staff, employees, and executives will be sitting in comfort on their Bodybilts.

For individuals considering the purchase of a high-end “investment” chair, Bodybilt has trained their retail sales force to work with consumers on a “whatever it takes” basis until you are satisfied. Please ask for a loaner chair, if necessary, to put their promises to the test.

If you find yourself at a typical office furniture store pricing upper-bracket chairs, keep Bodybilt in mind, because of what sets their chair apart from other chairs. If you are thinking “What makes this chair different from any other?” here’s the answer:

  • More adjustable features: an average of 10 standard features on every chair.
  • Contoured seats: which reduce seated pressure by dispersing your body weight over more surface area.
  • Mix and match, seats and backs and arms: the chair selector will help determine the right model for you, based on your size, the type of job you do, or any sitting-related injuries you may have.While working on this review I stood up to get the Bodybilt brochure, and Dianne, a friend visiting for Thanksgiving, sat down in my chair without giving it much thought.

    “What a chair,” she shouted. “It beckons you in with that unusual contoured seat and attractive arm rests. Then it forces you back into a supportive posture. This is how my physical therapist tells me to sit!”

    I agree, Dianne, but Barbara, my wife, doesn’t care for her review unit. In Barbara’s case the arm rests bump into the front of her desk due to a height incompatibility. If we were choosing a Bodybilt chair for Barbara to own we would either modify the chair-desk arrangement, or pick a different chair form factor, if you see my point.

    How to evaluate fairly my loaner Bodybilt, with recommendations for our readers? It’s easy, because each chair can be a different as the person sitting in it. I’m a thin, fit, middle-aged guy, and you probably are not at least one of the above. However and wherever you are, a local Bodybilt rep or retail outlet will allow you to take as long as necessary to make an informed decision on a chair that will help you feel better, work smarter, and sit healthier than any other I have sampled.

    One more thing: please remember to take a five-minute standing/walking exercise break every half hour. Trust me, it’s a life saver.

    If money is no object, let’s award Bodybilt our highest ranking, but make them earn it with every customer:

    MacMice Rating: 5 out of 5

    John Nemerovski

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