Review – Monsoon iM-700 Flat Panel Audio System

Monsoon iM-700 Flat Panel Audio System
Company: Sonigistix
Estimated Price: $169.00

Here in southern Arizona, the “monsoon” rains begin in July and continue through September, with their source in the warm waters off the coast of Mexico. Up in British Columbia, a different MONSOON originates: a stylish, powerful line of multimedia speakers perfect for your new iMac, iBook, and G4.

I heard about these flat panel systems when I was working on my coverage of the Benwin Flat Panel speakers over a year ago. A helpful reader reminded me to investigate further, and I’m glad to have persevered.

“Gorgeous” and “wow” is how visitors to my home office spontaneously rate the looks of the sleek, contemporary desktop satellite speakers. A louder “WOW” is exclaimed when listening to the sound of the system, including the big, black subwoofer sitting on the floor.

The manufacturer promises “crisp, powerful sound,” and that is a good description. There are no “tone” or “volume” controls on the speakers or subwoofer. A Bass Volume Control boosts subwoofer bass signals, and “treble” is naturally engineered into the satellite units.

An unusual “puck” at the end of a double extension cable has the volume and mute controls for the entire system. I really like the puck, but encourage Sonigistix to figure a way to have only one cable connecting it to the speakers and subwoofer, at least during its last two feet of length.

Everything sounds great when played through Monsoon iM-700 Flat Panel Audio System. Low-end distortion occurs on bassy music and sounds when the volume enters the LOUD range, but normal listening is rarely problematic.

Engineering is first class in every way. Setup takes only a few minutes, and is clearly described in the Owner’s Manual. “Planar magnetic speaker technology,” just like flat panel monitor technology, will keep getting better and better. You can expect Sonigistix to be a front runner in both design and features.

How about cost? These speakers are expensive, and are worth the cost. Consider the competition (at any price), and the Monsoon iM-700 Flat Panel Audio System immediately jumps into the first division. The “ice” color the “i” in the product name indicates a commitment to the Macintosh. Bravo!

Customers can purchase Monsoon speakers online, through phone catalogs, and at many retail locations. In North America, toll-free information is available at 1-877-PC-AUDIO (722-8346).

What else can I say? I like them, and you will too. Happy listening.

MacMice Rating: 4

John Nemerovski

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