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ClippingConverter 1.0.1
Shareware: $10.00
Julien Guimont

Clipping Converter is a simple utility that does its job very well. You drag and drop a text clipping onto it, and it will convert it to a simple text document. It also works with graphics. If you have a graphic and you would like it in SimpleText format, you can do so with Clipping Converter. Netscape and Internet Explorer bookmarks can also be converted to SimpleText documents with this utility.

While I found no bugs with the software to speak of, I do wonder why Julien Guimont charges $10 for this simple utility. If you have a text clipping of a graphic, you can simply drag and drop it onto a SimpleText document, and it will save it. Same with text. Open a bookmark, copy the URL, and paste it into a blank SimpleText document will also provide the same results. Perhaps if the program worked in single file Batch mode, where you drag a lot of bookmarks to it to export into a single SimpleText document, then I could see a $10 shareware fee. As it is, this program, while somewhat of a time saver, seems a little high in price.

A good utility to have if you convert many text clippings. If you use it, pay your shareware fee and hope the next version offers more bang for your buck.

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  • GURU 2.7.1
    Newer Technology

    You have to love free stuff which really solves either a problem of is so extremely handy you wonder why you did not have it before. GURU stands for GUide to Ram Upgrades, and it is a handy utility for looking up information on all the Macintosh computers to date.


    GURU PictureLet’s say you have a Power Mac 6500/250, and you want to add memory to it. How much can it hold? Well, using the pull down menus in GURU, you find the 6500/250 under non-G3 Power Macs. A new window pops up; you click “memory” and choose 128MB. You find out your 6500 uses 168-pin DIMMs, and to upgrade to 128Mb you need to install two 64MB chips. Simple, no? You can also use GURU to get other information, such as video memory, how much L2 cache you have, which battery you need to buy if yours goes out (with Rayovac part numbers, which comes in real handy on your trip to Radio Shack) processor speed, CPU chip, FPU information, and much more.

    GURU is a great product. It’s small (300k), uses less than 2MB of memory, and the price is just right! I wrote back in my monthly “My Turn” column in April 1999 that this is one of the programs I keep on every Mac I own. I also download each new version as they come out, and you will, too, once you download and give GURU a spin. Great product, and for creating this gem, Roger Kasten at Newer Technology should be commended. Thanks Roger and Newer!

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  • Monica
    Company: Peter Job

    Ever been sitting in front of your Mac, downloading a large file and half-way through it stops. For no reason, just ups and stops downloading. This means, of course, that you have to start all over, although you already downloaded 25MB of the thing! Talk about irritating! That is just life on the Internet, right? Wrong!

    Peter Job’s Monica allows you to do a number of things, but the most convenient being its ability to resume downloads when something such as the above happens. It also let’s you set up a list of files you want to download, and then download them at a time of your choosing. Very nice. And like I said, if something happens to cause your download to stall or stop, Monica will do her best to resume right where it left off.

    Being freeware, Monica is the right price!

    Monica supports drag and drop, meaning if you are out cruising the web and find something you want to download, you can drag the download link to your desktop and later drop it into Monica for downloading.

    Check out the Monica website at for more information and downloading. I highly recommend this program for anyone downloading many files from the Net!

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    Tim Robertson

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