Game Guys – Bubbles PPC 1.3

Bubbles PPC 1.3
Author: Maxym Runov
Shareware: $10.00

Mike: This month, we have chosen a puzzle game called Bubbles, by Maxym Runov. The author states in the Read Me that “the task is easy, but the way is hard,” and that’s a pretty good description of the challenge involved.

Adam: Bubbles is definitely a game that takes skill. It involves a good amount of strategy and a huge deal of thought. You can’t just go in and play, you have to think every time you move a ball. Now Mike, why don’t you tell us how Bubbles is played?

Mike: Sure, Adam. The game field is a rectangular grid, and the game starts with a set amount of balls (for example, 3) in random spots on the grid. The balls have both different colors and patterns, and your job is to move balls that look alike into rows of 5. However, every time you move a ball, 3 more appear in random spots in the grid, making it harder to move the balls to the places you want. You get points for every move you make, and additional points when you group 5 like balls together. The game ends when all of the spaces are covered.

Adam: Scoring in Bubbles is similar to scoring in Tetris, which means you go for as long as you can while accumulating points. You can play with a small, medium, or large grid, adjust the number of new balls that appear every time you make a move, and also set a limit on the amount of time allowed to move a ball before new ones automatically appear.

Mike: You’re right, Adam; there are lots of options in the game. If you don’t like the built-in grid sizes, you can even create your own playing field of any size you want! Additionally, the game is very easy to control; everything is done with the mouse, and is very straightforward.

Adam: You can also easily turn the sound off for those late night players who have roommates, and registered users have the advantage of saving high scores. Also, the shareware fee is only $10, which is very reasonably priced.

Bubbles requires a Color QuickDraw-capable PowerPC-based Mac PowerPC, Mac OS 7.6.1 or higher, and 2 MB of free RAM. You can download Bubbles PPC from either or the author’s home page,

Mike: So, to sum things up, Bubbles offers a fun, easy-to-learn challenge for a very reasonable price. The game is simple and straightforward, but that doesn’t keep it from being fun and addicting. I would recommend Bubbles for puzzle enthusiasts.

Adam: Bubbles is just one of those wonderful games that is made available to the public for a price that won’t empty our wallets. As Mike said, if you’re looking for a fun, challenging game, Bubbles may be just what your looking for. Recommended by The Game Guys.

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