Jeff’s Pointer 1.0 – Review

Jeff’s Pointer 1.0

Shareware: $5.00

What is Jeff’s Pointer? Well, just that. A system extension that changes your on-screen cursor (or pointer) to look like the one shown on the Extension icon above. And yes, that is how big it is when installed.

Jeffrey Wilk, the creator, calls it a “Copland Pointer”, in obvious reference to the upcoming System 8. While it is a good program for the fact that it did not cause any conflicts while I used it, I must say I did not enjoy the effect. Why? Well, the cursor is just too large for me. I need to be able, when using a painting/editing program (‘ala PhotoShop) to get in close and still see the object I am working on. The point of Jeff’s Cursor is simply not “Sharp” enough, if you will. This is only in my head, though, as I have compared the normal cursor to this one, and they are the same:-) But other than my small gripe, I can find nothing bad to say about Jeff’s pointer. Jeffrey Wilk shows promise as a Shareware author with this extension, and I look forward to newer program from him in the future. Write to him at

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